Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Day After The Lunch Mini-Binge

Scale: 250.2

I think the water, potassium-rich foods, and the double dose of Green Magma (also potassium-supplying) helped the bloat be contained. That's 1/2 pound over yesterday's weigh-in.

I did note yesterday, even mentioned it to hubby, how MISERABLE I felt after that lunch. Which was odd--having the tummy feel overstuffed, painful, feeling bloated all evening--odd because I used to eat 2000+ calorie binges in the past without much discomfort other than feeling really, really full. Even when I went to bed, I felt like I wasn't digesting the food properly. Like I couldn't handle this large load like I used to.

Maybe it's just getting older...maybe I got used to eating smaller portions since I started changing more consistently what I ate back in June. Not sure. But I kept telling myself: "Remember how bad this feels. Next time you wanna stuff it, remember how BAD this feels."

Even this AM I didn't feel totally back to normal. Like I had a heaviness in my abdomen.

My body just runs and feels better on smaller meals. I need to constantly remind myself of the misery of stuffing....

Okay, so I just had my controlled breakfast (under 300 cals, high protein) to face the day of temptations. :)

I'm hoping Monday's weigh-in for the DDDY Challenge will be cheering.

Okay, the day's tally. Although I won't be home, I'm taking a wee note pad and pen to track what I eat at the party and then log when home.


WS hot cakes (120)
NH sugar free syrup (57)
WS Pineapple fruit drink (70)
Coffee, 2 cups (5)
4 glasses water

Total breakfast calories: 252




Let's make this Saturday a slimming one!

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Ann (-22 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

To be THAT uncomfortable probably means you've already made major changes internally. Great job!! Sorry you have been so miserable, but in the end, that is a good thing to keep in mind (as you mentioned)!!

Onward and downward ... take away the bloat, and you are under 250 - a HUGE milestone!! I'm excited for you!! xx