Monday, October 25, 2010

*The Challenge Particulars for Day 1 of the Double Dog Dare

I'm gonna use this post to update water/calories for the Double Dog Challenge.

My Pur water pitcher is getting a workout! I've already refilled it a couple times since I made a pot of coffee and had 4 cups of my required 8 cups of water with breakfast. I plan to have the rest of the require 8 after Pilates around lunchtime. I don't like to drink water around suppertime, cause then I'm up at night weeing. Annoying.My goal for the challenge is to divide the water into 4 + 4 or 3 + 3 + 1 (the last with afternoon snack or just before dinner). Drinking water is a chore for me, so I just wanna drink it and be done.

My insides are sloshy. :)

So, I'll just edit this post as the day goes on:

BREAKFAST: (I entered the quantities at's Nutrition Tracker to get the particulars of calories, carbs, fats, protein, etc.)

4 cups water
2 cups coffee with sucralose liquid
1.5 cups fresh papaya with TrueLime crystals
1 servings WS protein hot cakes
1 serving Nature's Hollow "maple" syrup
1 serving Amazing Grass supplement (I usually take this the day of trainer workouts)
1/2 scoop Solgar Whey to Go

breakfast calories: 398

LUNCH: (was craving Southern Fried Chicken of all things. Ended up going with the least damaging "fried chicken" offering I could think of on the drive home...and yes, I'm a cheese freak.)

1/3 ounce Swiss Chees--after workout "immediate snack"
Wendy's Spicy Chicken Caesar salad--no dressing, no croutons
2 TBSP parmesan/shaved
Coke Zero (12 oz)
Water (done with 8 minimum for day)

lunch calories: 537


WS Protein shake
1/2 cup 2% milk

snack calories: 161

FiberGourmet Rotini (2 oz)
Small Wendy's Chili (I got at lunch, reheated for dinner)
2 slices 2% Kraft American Cheese
(mixed the above to make a Chili Mac liter version)
1/3 cup Cubanelle pepper chopped
1/2 cup cucumber slices

Dinner calories: 475

SNACK: (saved dessert from dinner for later snack)

WonderSlim dark chocolate pudding (chilled since dinnertime, yum)
Sliced Strawberries
1/3 WonderSlim caramel nut bar

snack calories: 179

Day's Calorie Total: 1750
Day's target calories: 1760

I ended up drinking 12 glasses of water, so I did better than the challenge demanded. Yay.

According to the Nutrition tracker, I met THEIR goals for me for:


I went over their goals for me for:

--sodium (er, I normally do, being the cheese and salt freak I am)
--fiber (I ate 52 grams of fiber. Heh.)

They have me low on carbohydrates (that's intentional on my part, though I'm not an Atkins sort of eater. I mean, I made it to 189 carbs, even though I'd ideally like to stay in the neighborhood of 125), as well as a lot of nutrients, but I just took a magnesium and multivitamin supplement, and that covers a lot of what I went under (magnesium, B12, folate, etc).

I didn't have a lot of fruit or coconut water today, so Potassium intake is low.

There ya go. Day one...on target re calories and water.


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Kimberly said...

OMG cheese is the one thing I don't do a light or diet version of. I want the real thing even if it means eating it in smaller amounts.