Thursday, October 7, 2010

Worried About Weigh-In....meh

Yeah, so I went over my calories by close to 500 cals. No excuse other than I was lazy and indulgent. And I haven't broken the salt addiction. I just seem to want really salty stuff this week. Olives. Pickled peppers. Cheddar cheese. Salty eggs. Salty miso.

I think the salt and overage in calories is gonna doom tomorrow's weigh-in.

Unlike times past when I would just skip a weigh-in that might be unfavorable, I'm getting on the scale, be the news bad, very bad, or horribly bad.

Accountability is part of the purpose of this goal-oriented bloggy journal and journey. If I do poorly, that needs documenting. It needs to be right here, goading me towards better planning and change.

So, stay tuned for tomorrow's scale-y result.

And I hope your week has been more disciplined and on-target than mine.

Happy Thursday, what's left of it. Off to enjoy the cutiepie on The Mentalist! A hottie can take one's mind off food. Yes?

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Diet Chic said...

Remember that 3500 calories makes up a pound, so maybe 500 isn’t so bad, if you put in a good workout you might be able to still have a successful weigh-in. Nonetheless, the fact that you’re recognizing this is great progress, I’m sure you’ll do fine. And I completely understand on the salty front, I am also a recovering addict haha, I’ve never had a problem with sugary things, but salt oh salt is my weakness ugh!
Anywho..good luck on your weigh-in, mine is on Sunday wish me luck :]

~Jury / Diet Chic~