Sunday, October 31, 2010

Double Dog Dare Day 7 Particulars--Repairing Damage Done

Okay, so here we are. Seventh day, halfway through, the first part of the Double Dog Dare You Challenge set forth by Allan of Almost Gastric Bypass blog.

As I mentioned before, I felt FABULOUS early yesterday. I felt energetic. I felt slimmer. I got weight loss compliments and comments. I even, oddly, since I'm fat and fifty, got "the eye" from some stranger at the anime/manga/comics store.

Here's me in my grey outfit (well, you can't see the jeans) at around 9pm last night a blurry camera-phone pic holding strawberry Pocky--a popular Japanese treat I like that comes in 70 calorie pod portions and that is relatively easy to resist--I have packs here from June I haven't touched yet. It's one of the few "junk foods" that I like but that doesn't call to me like, say, Oreos or cherry cheesecake or cupcakes or mint chip ice cream or cherry pie or Thin Mints. If you are an anime con or manga devotee, you know about these already. I shouldn't even touch sugar-stuff right now. but there it is. I'm holding a Japanese junk snack without drooling (pre Chinese food overage):

 That's my wee nephew's shiny hair peeping at the bottom. :)

Anyway, I loved fitting into my spanking new clothes (I got grey jeans and grey matching top, and I am someone who mostly wears black, navy, dark brown, so wearing a lighter color on my lower parts--that huge belly, those big hips--is a novelty.) I had my red lipstick and red toenails and red purse and felt all good. I felt chipper. I felt happy. None of the depression that plagues me now and again since childhood in sight. Hooray.

But I went over my alloted challenge calories. Did not go over the # of cals for maintaining current fat weight, but over "goal weight maintenance" weight.

Today, I will not. Already had a nice chat with myself. Already alerted hubby. No candy near me. No crap near me. It's gonna be a good day. Period. I'm gonna take my supplements, be more conscious of quantities, have my protein shakes proactively (to suppress appetite) and drink loads of water (and mebbe tea).

So, this post is to log my particulars.

I went to tally days I sent over and under, and I had a credit balance (heh) of 255 calories prior to yesterday's overage of 371 (approximately, as it always is approximately). That means that today I need to make up 116 too many calories. I cannot go over 1644. That will balance it all out for the challenge week (ie, Mon-Sun).


1.5 roast chicken 1/4 breast portions
2 slices tomato, 1/2 cup lettuce, 8 slices cucumber
2 cups coffee with sucralose
4 glasses water

breakfast calories: 388 

SNACK: none , 2 glasses water

LUNCH: *had lunch at 10 pm so made it large to tide me over to a very small final meal or snack~

taco salad--ground beef, pico de gallo, salsa, cheddar cheese, cilantro
4 cups spinach
1.4 cups cucumber slices
2 cups papaya
4 glasses water

lunch calories: 857

2 WS shakes
assorted supplements (20 cals)

dinner calories = 120

Total Calories for DDDY Day 7: 1465

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Ann (-22 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

What a gorgeous face! You look so happy, and put together ...

If someone took a camera phone picture of ME at the store, I wouldn't look that good. LOL

I think it is great that you have such a good support system at home. I know you will do well! You are making adjustments right away, so you should be fine.