Sunday, October 3, 2010

A lot More Carbs on Saturday, A lot fewer clothes on Sunday...

700 days, 4 hours, and 92.6 pounds to go...

I ate decently, if not starkly so, on Saturday. But I did have carbs at both meals--corn tortillas with chicken breast and pico de gallo at lunch, a meal at home of high-fiber pasta and salad and veggies with lowfat ricotta and lowfat mozzarella- and the one snack--high protein cocoa with a ounce of cheddar and FiberGourmet 80 calorie pack of cheese crackers (12 grams of fiber). I had more than 30 grams of fiber yesterday (including fiber supplements, nearly 50), but the carbs are water-inflating on me,  so water weight is bound to ...rebound. :)

Nevertheless, I was parading naked today after I woke up. I mean, really, I can see the difference in my midsection. Man, I can see the difference even in my " lady region", and my hips. It's exciting. I didn't wanna put clothes on. hahahah

Hubby did not mind.

So, it's marinated grilled chicken for dinner from the Lebanese restaurant. I asked for no pita chips in the Fatoush salad, and I will measure out a minimal portion of rice (hubby will happily eat the leftover rice). The salt from restaurants is always an issue, but I"m way less concerned with bloat than with fat. As long as my calories are in line, I can deal with water-weight eventually. It's the fat that needs to go.  I also ordered some cucumber and yogurt salad and some hummus, which make for nice snacks over the next couple days (a small order of hummus stretches when used sparingly with cucumbers, carrots, and celery). And it's one of the few legume food items hubby will consume. So, hooray for hummus.

Nothing much exciting here this weekend. Hubby being home has been full of smooches and peacefulness (and nudist tendencies coming to the fore, apparently). I've gotten loads of rest and that feels great.

Tomorrow, Pilates. And I need to get back to reading my book on chage (SWITCH) and decuttering and planning my week's meals so I can shop in a targeted manner.

It's nice having a lazy weekend with hubby. I need to call sistahs now and check on 'em before we eat. Even with the stressful stuff still out there, I'm just praying and refusing to let evil bastards take my peace. For now.

May God strike down the evil bastards of the world, give us more peace, and make us all a bit kinder...and leaner. :D AMEN!

Happy Sunday, people. Make this a week full of health for you and your loved ones.

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