Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 25 Spawn of SoDDDY Challenge: Holding at 233.8, Prepared for "Feast" With good Breakfast, and Hoping to See a New Low for the New Year! HAPPY 2011 EVEN, PEOPLE!

No weight change. I guess I had my whoosh and now my body is back to being laidback. :)

I had my egg white veggie omelette, Bagel Thin with neufchatel, Canadian bacon, coffee, water breakfast. I have fruit and yogurt to take with me to the NY Eve party to help arm myself against the onslaught of traditional food temptations. (Oh, lawdy!)

Hubby set up the XBox Kinect for DANCE CENTRAL. He's done the Lady Gaga and Dirty Vegas and will be sore no doubt. I havent yet (got up late), but I'm the one who asked for it to get me moving some. Anyone have it?

I found the Wii was too easy to cheat and do less movement. This baby, you gotta use the whole body. So, like Dance Dance Revolution, it should burn up some nice number of calories. Plus, it's good tunes, not generic stuff like some exercise videos.

Anyway, my main goal for today--other than have fun--is to not mess up my good week and weigh-in decently for the last Spawn weigh-in. I'd like to have 3 lbs gone, but I think that's unreasonable for me. If it's at least 2, I'm fine.I had some close to 1200 calorie days, some closer to 1600 days. But I haven't gone over this week.

I hope my challenge-mates enjoy the last day of 2010. It's a year where I finally made progress toward my goal. No tiny progress, but GOOD progress. I have some other major goals for next year (three, to be exact), but priority ONE will be getting healthy--slimmer and fitter. If I can make goal weight next year instead of 2012, I will be one seriously happy camper.

I'd like to thank again all the supportive challenge-mates and fat-fighting bloggers who've been so kind and encouraging. Really, my heart is full of gratitude.

My prayers are for our safety (yeah, drunk drivers out there!) and joy for today's celebrations. And for a new, fresh wind tomorrow that will drive us toward our prizes in 2011.

God bless...

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