Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 2 of Spawn of SoDDD Challenge: Running Around, Tempted at Bagel place (but persevered), Haircut, Blood Drawn, and Body is in Stall Mode, Methinks!

Okay, first time today I can sit down and BLOG!

No weigh-in. I slept little and poorly and didn't want the bad news. But my body feels a bit bloaty (not enough fruit yesterday?)  I hope Friday's official weigh-in is not disappointing. I'd be pissed, considering I ate about 1200 calories each of the last two days, which is REALLY REALLY REALLY low for me. I have been in a semi-stall, despite water and great caloric intake. Happens. I have been losing for months and this is normal for me...a sort of "hiccup". I'll get past it. I'll lose more.

Today, I had blood drawn for two docs--my endo and my primary. And pee. I had fasted 12 hours and had not had much water (cause I didn't wanna pee my pants during the drive). Then they ask for pee. I'm like, "Oh, no. Should have had more water."  Got out maybe 1/4 cup's worth. No kidding. I laughed. I asked, "Is that enough?" She said, "Yeah." Good. There was no more.

Bought 3 bottles of water at the gas station (insane prices, but I needed the agua after not having any) and drank two as I drove to the stripmall with the bagel place to have breakfast. God, was I tempted to go omelettey nuts (like ham, bacon, pastrami, cheese, veggies). I drank more water and asked for coffee to get more fluids in me. Then calmly asked for the egg white frittata with mushrooms, spinach and onions, and asked for it to be cooked with minimal oil. Got the grits side (this place stores the tomatoes with the lox and nova and stuff, and they always taste fishy, so no tomato slices for me). Multi-grain bagel came with it--I asked for it scooped, toasted. No low-fat cream cheese. I decided to splurge and use sparingly of the real thing. I had half the bagel--brought the other half home, weighed it, 1.2 onces. So I guess their bagels run 2.4 or so ounces scooped. The frittata when it came really was non-greasy. The mushrooms and spinach were fresh, not frozen or canned (some of the spinach leaves were still partly intact, not a soggy mess), and I asked for the onions raw so they wouldn't grill em with grease.

The grits, sadly, were "margarined". I saw little blobs of yellow here and there.

I had all the frittata (not enormous) and 1/4 to 1/3 cup of the grits (I logged it as 1/3 and added 1 tsp of margarine to be safe to the log). 2.5 cups coffee. The 1/2 scooped bagel and 1 tsp of cream cheese and 2 tsp of orange marmalade. I added 2/3 of a tbsp of margarine to the log to cover what little fat they used for the frittata. Maybe that was optimistic, but there it is. My estimate.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I wanted to finish the cup o' grits and other bagel half. OMIGOSH, I just drank water and said, 'No." Drank water and said, "No!" Pushed the plate away and asked for a doggy bag.

Princess Curls--just done, still damp
SparkPeople's tracker says I had 434 calories. Well, I was still ready to eat a lot more, but didn't. After a while, I calmed down. I went to GNC and got multivitamins. Went as a walk-in to a nearby salon and got my hair trimmed. Can't eat while getting hair cut. Well, I can't. Felt better when my curls were in order. The water and food kicked in. It's now 5 hours later and I'm ready to have something. :)

<off to eat>


Okay, so hubby (who had dental work) wanted something not very chewy and went to Boston Market. I measured out one of the meatloaf bits (4.3 oz), went to the BM website and calculated the calories per ounce for their meatloaf (64) and multiplied accordingly. I had two steamed veggie sides. No cornbread. I made a big batch of mushrooms sauted in 1/4 cup lowfat mushroom gravy and put that under the meatloaf slice. 2 cups decaf. Wanted dessert. Had some D'Lites low-cal, lower carb chocolate dairy treat and chopped a banana onto it. 5 glasses of water (still sipping coffee and water), and plan to have 3 more to be done with that meal.

Calories for breakfast and lunch: 1084
Fluids so far: 140 (accelerated rate level exceeded)

Okay, got super hungry around 10:30pm. Heated up the half-scooped-out-bagel remnant from breakfast and toasted it with one slice 2% cheese and made a cup of WS protein hot chocolate. Water. Done for the day (though I really am wanting to eat more).

My body and mouth are REALLY noticing the drop in calories. I hope I can persist, but at 1600-1760, I was not particularly hungry. Often didn't use up all my calories. I woke up with a growling stomach Wed AM. I'm going to bed feeling a little "tummy-void". I've been experimenting with the lower caloric rate, and I am not done with the experimenting, but I'm up to 1300 today and still feeling unsatisfied.

My choices could be more filling/better, so let's see as this goes on :)

Total Calories: 1297
Total Fluids: 176 oz


Kimberly said...

I cannot wait to have my first hollow bagel on Saturday. Allan has me dreaming of them.

And aren't you the over achiever with the 1200 calorie days. See! You can do this.

And the princess curls are quite fetching.

Ann (-36 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Okay - you are my heroine today! That was a great walk-through of your thought process and planning-on-the-fly of your meals.

And yes, I agree with Kimberly ... the curls are pretty! Getting a trim really perks them up, doesn't it?

Don't worry about the scale, Princess. If you are holding to 1200 calories a day, you have to lose weight. You may have bloating or hormone issues, but when that passes, the number will make up for it. Just keep doing what you are doing! It is only for the next three weeks (for THIS challenge), right?

You are doing GREAT - 2 days down already. These weeks will fly by, watch.


Tamzin said...

nice work against temptation with the bagels! :D

Beth said...

I agree, great work with the bagel. Whew. I was right there with you, damn. And aren't you glad now that you didn't have it? I am! So well done. It's HARD to work through stuff like that. The reward of eating is so immediate.

And yeah, I second what Ann says about the scale - I ate what, 800 calories a day one week and didn't loose anything. Bah. These low calorie days will catch up with you on the scale.

You are really kickin' it with the calories. I'm very impressed, that's a big cut you've made here in these few days.