Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 12 Spawn of DDDY Challenge: Where I missed a day of blogging, got new bras and undies (in a smaller size) and hit the salt again, cause, you know, it's my weakness, hunger when water is delayed..... food/fluid log

Scale: 238.2

Was out and about Friday and made up on lost sleep today, hung around with hubby, did some shopping--finally got the new warm blankets and throws, got a hoodie and sweater for me, and got myself measured for new bras to fit my shrinking tatas and body. So, missed blogging Friday.

Since I had an endocrinology appointment, traditionally, we hit the Greek place next door. It was my breakfast. That meant a lot of sodium--feta, kalamata olives, tzatziki, stuffed grape leaves. I stayed under my caloric allotment, but expected a sodium uptick, as I had Greek twice (took half of my veggie gyro home and had a greek salad, small, to go with it for my second meal). I made sure to get in fruit to get nice postassium to balance some of that sodium, which I think did help, as the weigh-in was minimally up, as opposed to 2-5+ pounds up.

Calories yesterday: 1651
Breakdown: 40c/40f/20p (crazy!)

I had too much fat (double the ideal, really), but feta and Greek dressing alone adds up pretty fast. I had very little fiber (dang) and a whole lotta sodium. Not my most balanced day, though I got 7 servings of fruits/veggies and a good amount of protein.

Anyway, the tatas are now 44DD. I was really surprised about the DD. I was wearing D's, then those got big. But I got measured at Lane Bryant, TWICE, as I insisted she had to be wrong. hah. I tried the 44DD and it was snug but fit fine. I do wonder how big the puppies must have really been in those D's when I was 299+. Anyway, got a few bras and undies, as the ones I have now are just not supportive and, in some cases, ridiculously loose.

Most of the stuff I tried on, I had to go back for the smaller size. I kept estimating wrong which one would fit. A nice problem to have. I got a sweater in 18/20. Most of the stuff didn't appeal to me or just didn't suit, so I'm hoping by the time I need to get more outfits, they have a nicer selection. Pretty blah inventory yesterday. Anyone else disappointed with Lane Bryant's current offerings?

My skinny jeans that I started wearing last month are now being held up with a belt. The waist is too loose. Heh. And I put on a top and kept staring in the mirror as it really looked slimming on me (one I bought a few weeks ago and it was snug, just right now). Hubby commented numerous times on how I looked decidedly leaner. I think because the waist/belly finally stopped resisting and losses were showing there, that made a difference.

If anyone were to experiment with the water, I'll tell you what's gonna happen: You'll be really hungry if you don't drink it.

Now, don't get me wrong. I was NOT being rebellious or smug. I simply had a 35 minute drive on I95, and when I drink the usual water with breakfast, I end up haing to go every 20 to 30 mins. As anyone who drives a highway in a largish metro area knows, an accident or delay can happen unexpectedly. The LAST thing I wanted was to pee my pants on the way to the doctor. I still shudder to remember the horrendous nastiness of an impromptu but VERY necessary drop-in to the KFC bathroom last week. Pee didn't get on my pants groin, but I stepped in a puddle of pee and got it on my pants hem. Washing one's pants leg and lifting one's leg to dry it in a hand-blower in a cramped public bathroom is DISGUSTING!

So, I forewent the water (figured 'd catch up in the afternoon when I was not driving everywhichway). And I was HUNGRY.

But I didn't whiz on myself, and that was worth it.

It was a real hard effort not to polish everything off in the Greek place and then ask for more and eat hubby's as well. I kid you not, my appetite was on INSANE. I drank water there, had decaf x2, ordered an iced tea (yes, all three ordered at once just for me, which made the waitress go hmmm?) But it does catch up to you. I felt hungry a lot yesterday and I know it was the delay in getting the agua. Do not try this--unless you also can't pee your pants on the highway or something.

Today is fine. Had my water with breakfast and do not feel nuts. Niiiiiiice. :)

I'm gonna send Allan today's weigh-in, cause if we head out to enjoy the city tomorrow, I don't wanna forget and miss the deadline.

I hope my challenge-mates are rocking the calories and water. Happy Weekend, people!

Food Log:

2 jumbo organic eggs fried in 1 tsp Smart Balance
1 cup fresh mushrooms sauteed in water with 1/4 cup onions and 1/4 cup fat free mozzarella
2 slices lite 7-grain toast with 1 tbsp whipped Smart Balance and 1 tsp Smuckers orange marmalade
2 cups coffee
8 glasses of water
calories: 450
fluids: 80 oz

1 serving Buitoni mushroom agnolotti (leftovers from earlier in the week) topped with
1/2 cup fat free mozzarella
1 (roughly) cups worth of asparagus and a tossed salad made with: 2 cups iceberg, romaine, and mixed baby lettuces, red/green/yellow pepper strips, cucumbers, 1 tbsp red wine vinegar, 1 tsp EVOO, oregano and 2 TBSP shredded parmesan
2 cups decaf
6 glasses water
calories: 756
fluids: 64 oz
calories so far: 1206
fluids so far: 144 oz (requirement met)


Total Calories:
Total Fluids:


Kimberly said...

The only thing I like about Lane Bryant is their bras and panties. Their selection is way overpriced and you can find nicer stuff at Macy's.

I am going to treat myself to a week's worth of bras and panties from LB as a New Year's present.

And the KFC story is LOL. I know it wasn't to you but that sounds pretty funny. Did anyone walk in on you?

Karla said...

I love buying smaller sizes... so fun :)

and OMG!! I feaking love Greek food, I haven't had it though in ages

My bras are so loose, I am wearing a body sock, er kind of ya get the gist, to keep the ladies happy, after Christmas I will make the bra pilgramage to Nordstroms, when I have the after Christmas funds

Ann (-48 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

Okay, Princess - THAT line is going to be quoted , like something out of CaddyShack. LOL

Which line?

"But I didn't whiz on myself, and that was worth it"

ROFLOL ... too, too, funny!! But what is even funnier is that I pefectly get it, and think the same exact way.

I just bought a few smaller sized bras. My twins are too hearty to let go without proper support. It is insane how expensive bras are. If men had to pay that much for underwear, they'd all go commando first. hehehe

Greek food ... LOVE it. Now I want a gyro ... my favorite Greek dish. LOL

Sounds like you did real well, balancing things out (from the salt intake). Well done!!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Isn't it awesome for your clothes to get baggie? I always lose right away in the boobs. My last bra was a C cup! I used to be a D and squeezing into it. Now, if I want to keep the boobs but lose the stomach!

Beth said...

You know, I did the same thing with the boobages, I'm not sure what has happened but I musta been squeezing them in to WAY TOO SMALL bra's when I was 75 pounds heavier because I'm still wearing DD's! I keep thinking, surely I'll need a smaller cup size and it's not that they aren't shrinking, it's that I was obviously in need of a size G and was wearing a DD. Sorry, tatas.

LOL re: the pee planning. I have to do the same, restricting my intake depending on access to amenities. Nothing like drinking with military precision... I can't stand public toilets...eck

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Absolutely HATE Lane Bryant. We have a crapload of outlet malls around here because this is a touristy area. There is a local store called Dress Barn Woman and that is where I go to get my nicer clothes. Haven't been able to afford it in a while, but that is my store of choice. The prices are moderate but the styles are lovely and up to date. They get new shipments in daily and so there is always something new. The sizes are true to size as well. If you have one near you, you should check it out.
I'm with you about the water. On the few days in the beginning where I didn't get in all my water, I was very hungry and ate more than usual. The water is very important and so I'm very careful now to keep it going all day.