Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 10 Spawn of SoDDDY Challenge: Yes, yet another drop, and noted BMI is below 39 now... food/fluid log

Tanita -san: 238.0

I weigh three or four times and take the number that comes up the most (say 2 out of three). Today it was 238.0, 237.8, 238.0. So, feels good. Almost another half-pound down. Last week's mess up has been more than made up for. This is what I weighed in 1998. The dieter's Time Machine. :)

This puts my waist at 41.25 or 41.5 inches, depending on the measuring tape. My BMI is 38.4. It's so sweet not to see FORTIES in the BMI anymore. Next measuring milestone goals will be:

1. Out of the 40's in waist size
2. Out of the 230's in scale measure
3. A normal size 20 in Women's clothing

The next Super-Milestone would be reaching 216: no longer severely obese, just regular obese. Hey, it IS a mental biggie for me. And a health biggie.

I not only have issues with my loose rings. I have issues with my LOOSE SHOES (as I posted about before.) I hate the idea of buying shoes to not have them fit 35 pounds, 40 pounds from now, since they're pricey. So, I'm gonna get ring guards and find a way to make the shoes I have fit better for a while. My shoes run about 100 bucks a pair, some more, some less, but since I have problem feet, I buy shoes with cushy insoles and made from foot comfort (SoftWalk, Easy Spirit, Naturalizer, Clarks...). But my sandals are swimming on my feet (not that I'm wearing them in this weather.  I've succumbed to sneakers more often just cause they're easy to fill out with puffy socks. :D

Yesterday's calorie count topped at 1298.  Again, I MEANT to eat at goal-level, but I just wasn't hungry for a big meal, so dinner was some crockpot made oatmeal with blueberries, peaches, and cinnamon. Felt very warm and comforting.  Then I was having a crazy pizza craving, so I took 2 string cheese and put 2 tbsp of marinara sauce on top wit sprinklings of oregano and garlic powder, nuked it until it was warm and gooey and ate that. Gave me the pizza vibe without the pizza calories.

Ratio of calories:  45c/31f/24p

I figure I'll just do this for now--eat at maximum goal-level on hungry days and eat less on less-hungry days, instead of just trying to hit ONE number. If nothing less, having the lesser days will leave room for a bit more feasting when we dine out, if I desire it.

Less cold today, though last night was still a chilly one for me. If it's the shivering making for the losses, then bring on the cold fronts.

Happy Thursday, make it healthy!

Food Log:

3/4 cup egg whites made into an omelette with: 1 cup broccoli slaw, 1/2 cup cooked mushrooms, 1/4 cup chopped onions, 1 slice 2% American and 1/4 cup 2% shredded Cheddar, using 1 tsp of ICBINB spread to smear on the pan.
1/2 multigrain bagel w/ 1 tbsp organic Neufchatel and 2 tsp St Dalfour Four Fruits spread
1/3 cup red grapefruit sections
2 cups coffee
6 glasses water
calories: 524
fluids: 64 oz


Total Calories:
Total  Fluids:


Maria said...

My scales will quite often show a 2-3lb weight difference, it drives me crazy! Of course, I always want to take the lowest weight. :) But I do like you do and accept the average.

I just bought some new shoes because of the same problem you have! I've lost 52 lbs and so many of my old shoes are way too big now. It's a nice problem, but still troublesome money-wise!

Congrats on your milestones!

Stacy said...

I've heard that you actually should mix up your calories so your body doesn't get accustomed to that one number. I've heard it can prevent or break you out of a plateu.

Tamzin said...

Total awesomeness throughout! Loose shoes, lower weight, BMI out of the 40s and some fabulous work in the 1200 range! :) YOU ARE ROCKEN!

Kimberly said...

Thin people do that - eat more when they are hungry and less when they are not. And to think you were freaking a bit about the 1200 calories. You are getting there whether you planned it or not! :)

Beth said...

Oh my gosh - the THIRTIES are here! Woot! Woot! And the next milestone isn't that far away, 216 will be here before you know it.

The loose shoes thing annoys me to no end...I still have a pair of stretched out oldies that I can't bear to get rid of.

Glad to be back, missed you.