Friday, December 3, 2010

Face the Truth Friday/Day 25 Son of DDDY Challenge: Getting really close to next "decade" and hips give up another 1/2 inch, craving potatoes and that hunger food and water log

240.6 on Tanita-san's happy face...

Yesterday was 241.2, so that's 3/5ths of a pound. I figured once I released water it would look better. I did eat salty stuff yesterday, but I drank two glasses of coconut water, and that always helps. I used to drink it daily, but due to the calories and carbs, I had cut back. I may re-incorporate, especially when I hit the salty soups (I had a Dr. McDougall spring onion with rice noodles soup yesterday, vegan, low cal, high salt.)

It's 1.4 pounds lost since last Friday. This seems to be consistent with my caloric intake. I'm not a mega-loser. I've had several days well under the "maintenance" level and no days over. It's a rate I'm okay with. Allan would glare at me, but there it is. I had initiated this blog expecting a 1 lb per week loss. 1 and a half (almost) exceeds original goal. Continuing at such a rate would get me to goal sooner than 2 years. But I gave myself two years. If I make it in 1.5 or, shoot, 1, I'd be thrilled.

TRUTH I AM FACING: Measured waist and hips. Waist doesn't wanna cooperate. Hips down 1/2 inch. Old New Flash: I'm still an apple.  (Note: I have no idea if my tape measure is accurate. I have three of them and they all give a different number. So, I just use the one I've used the longest, cause that's really weird.) No matter how slim I get, I'm always gonna carry in the middle. I suspect if I ever got really thin--not gonna happen, but theorizing--I'd be like a spider. Roundy torso and hair-thin appendages. Not a pretty image.

I had a craving for potatoes yesterday. I don't get these potato-cravings often, and I had rarely eaten potatoes this year due to having done lower-carb, but man, it was hours of my mouth wanting potatoes so I caved. I had some organic potatoes from the co-op last week that I hadn't touched, so I scrubbed and boiled me up a bunch. Hubby had his with butter and turkey and carrots.. I had mine with EVOO and spinach and mushrooms with eggs for protein. Very, very satisfying. Very delicious. Just what I wanted.

TRUTH I AM FACING: I did notice I was hungrier--like 2 hours--afterwards. So that glycemic index thing, yeah, I guess it operates on me and my insulin resistant body. They tasted great but did send me into hunger zone pretty fast. I won't cross potatoes or noodles or any carb right out of my diet, but I can't have potatoes daily if they make me this peckish afterwards. I really wanted to stuff my face.

I kept my calories just under 1400, but man, I felt hungry yesterday. Drank loads of water and coconut water and coffee and soup (for more fluids).

Lovely weather in Miami. It's cool. Yay, it's cool. No sweating when one goes outside. One can wear a sweater. Hurray!

Food Log:


4 Vietnamese rolls with chili sauce and almost 1 tbsp of peanut butter (I like to smear the roll pieces with PB, mmmmmmm)
3 skewers of Satay Chicken with 2 teaspoons of peanut sauce (I love the stuff but it's killer calorically)
2.5 cups coffee
8 glasses of water (4 before, 4 after)

Pad Thai and 2 cups Watermelon chunks
2 cups decaf
8 glasses water

No Dinner, No snacks

Total Calories: 1117
Total Fluids: 164 oz


Anne H said...

The ups and downs of it all....
My weight goes down.... the inches go up!
I say, lets give it time....might work out ok ,
at any rate!

Debbie said...

What is a Vietnamesa roll it sounds good.

Beth said...

I've had the same where my waist didn't go down even though the pound did. It baffles me.

Shame about the potatoes, the leave me hungry too.

What is the deal with the coconut water? I must look it up, seems lots of people are having it.

Anne H said...

They had a ton of coconut water in Brazil....
I went there last year! The dudes would just climb up a tree, get a coconut, cut it open and eat it, and drink the juice-water!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am really, really impressed with you - and with how limber you (looked at your Pilates photos). You are making such amazing progress! Keep at it. Glad I found your blog, will be following you!

Julia H.