Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 23 Spawn of SoDDDY Challenge: Is My Scale Wonky? Or is it just a good week so far? My Two Meals Yesterday & a Recommendation if You like Both Convenience and Black Beans...and even are vegan; GIANT KILLING has me hooked and inspires a dieting metaphor, natch...

I had to climb up and down on Tanita-san several times today (that sounds a bit X-rated...hmm?):



Okay, I did stay under 1300 calories (1284), just barely made my water, but made it. So, maybe it's just a good week.

Or Tanita-San is playing a joke on me. :D 'Cause that's 2.2 lbs down in 3 days. My stubborn apple-shape waist is not moving, though. Grrrrrr.

I will add that yesterday was a lowfat, high fiber, high carb, moderate protein day. Here's yesterday's ratio: 53c/20f/27p. My DNA test said I needed to do a low calorie version of  high carb/low fat, but I almost never make the lowfat aspect, but that percentage for fat was dead-on to the recommendation. 20% of calories. So, whether this is a correlation or not....there it is.

You know, last time we had an arctic blast reach Miami, I lost well. The last two days/nights have been shivery ones. I was joking about shivering burning calories last time. I'm not joking so much right now. Maybe not turning on the heat is a very, very good idea. heh.

I ate two meals yesterday:

breakfast: scrambled egg whites with fat-free cheese and pico de gallo (had some leftover from dinner the night before from Lime Fresh Mexican grill). WS hot cakes with sugar-free syrup. Half a red grapefruit. 1/3 cup fresh blueberries. 3 slices of turkey bacon (the extra lean JennieO brand, which I'm gonna toss, as it's crappy. I ate it just...cause. How dumbass is that? Don't buy this brand. The other turkey bacons I've had were fine. This one is awful.) Coffee. Water. Fiber supplement.

lunch: whole instant cup of Dr. McDougall's black bean with lime soup (it's an instant soup, but it's really amazingly yumsy...comes out creamy with Mexican type spicing). Leftover tortilla chips baked with fat free and lowfat cheese and fat free sour cream and pico de gallo for topping. 3/4 cup of chopped yellow and red bell peppers. coffee. water. As a treat: 3 low carb biscotti by BariWise (lemon flavor, and I sprinkle crystalized lemon on it to make it tart). Vitamins/supplements.

breakfast: WS hot cakes, 1/2 cup blueberries, sugar-free syrup, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 small papaya, coffee, water, vitamins, fiber supplement.

lunch: raw green bean casserole--green beans, tahini, lemon, garlic. :D Yum.

No dinner for me. Hubby and I  were engrossed watching GIANT KILLING--a soccer anime that first aired in Spring, I believe, but we are watching now. I hate sports, but this has me totally caught up. Funny and good characterization with nice game twists. The title refers to the little guy (like a Jack or a David) winning over the Giants. The underdog team getting its act together under a very skilled and amusing coach. Love it!  Then I caught up on the last issue of BLEACH manga online and started wondering how Ichigo-boy is gonna get his powers back....cause he will!

It's no stretch to say we fatfighters, particularly those of us who got into the big, morbidly obese numbers, are out to kill our own Giants--whether it's trigger foods, emotional issues regarding foods, lack of exercise, whatever. We're the underdogs and we're the giants...and one has to win. So, might as well be the slim underdog inside us fighting to get free.

I actually love the inspiring messages in many manga and anime. The Japanese have a common saying used a lot: "Do your best"

A character will often say it to themselves, as well: "I will do my best". Whether it's a school life manga with a character overcoming a mean clique or trying to get better in athletics or get a higher ranking to get into a better college, the head band comes on and the cry goes out that they will DO THEIR BEST!

And because so many anime and manga have superheroic types, I sometimes tap into that when I'm exercising and feel I can't do ONE MORE REP!  I imagine myself as one of these never-give-up characters and just push on. This is why I had my trainer upload Japanese anime themes into a playlist for me. On days when I just don't WANNA...on goes the anime music and I become Ichigo or Yoruichi or the  Fullmetal Alchemist or L or any character who just refuses to stop trying to reach their goal and win the fight! Okay, so maybe not L's eating habits (a skinny pale dude who eats sweet treats and sugar cubes all dang day to fuel his mighty brain!)

Feel like a superhero or superheroine today. Kick fat's ass! GAMBARE! (Do your best!)


Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm glad I'm not in Miami. It would totally suck to be in a tropical place and still be this cold. :)

Kimberly said...

Okay, but I am not wearing no spandex! :)

And there is nothing wrong with your scale. You are eating less calories per day than you used to eat. That is why it is giving you a lower number. Ain't math grand?

Beth said...

Wow, amazing loss, that must be so encouraging.

I dunno about the shivering encouraging weight loss, doesn't seem to be working for me.

I must get some inspiring music for myself...I don't feel like much of a superhero today, maybe some sleep would help. But I will do my best! Love the new word...Gambare!

Beth said...

Oh no, just saw my backlinking is a rogue link here. Just hope I'm not showing up on other unrelated sites again...

Christine said...

lol, came here because of your title which has to be the longest title in the history of blog posts...I am deep like that. My oldest daughter loves manga and anime. So I actually get the reference.

Diandra said...

Of course shivering burns calories. Not too much, but it's muscle contractions after all, producing warmth to keep your core temperature up. ^^