Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 26 Son of DDDY Challenge: How do you see .8 lb up on the scale while eating 560 calories less than diet allotment? Well, let me tell you, so you don't freak when it happens to log...

Tanita-san 241.4

My scale has been a rollercoaster due to my freaky sleep and salt habits this week. I have not gone over my goal-weight caloric level at all, and have had many less-than (by hundreds of calories days). For instance, yesterday: 1156 calories. One of my lowest eating days this year.

I had two meals. My first meal was tiny calorically. My second meal with huge (relatively speaking). But together, they were less than 1200 cals. I drank a lot of water, but given the super-salty nature of the food (divvying up my take-out Thai), I should have had extra water and more potassium rich foods/beverages.

I got lazy.

So, here is how you can make your scale go up without overeating:

1. Yes, eat a salty Asian or other restaurant meal
2. Don't eat potassium-rich foods (fruit, sweet potato, coconut water)
3. Don't get enough sleep (this one guarantees a scale upsy for me, always)
4. Don't up the fluid intake to flush the sodium
5. Don't eat enough fiber to move things along

Oh, yes. That last one is key. I had a lot of salt and little fiber and guess what my bowels did? Yes, they didn't. Exactly. My first morning with NO pooing in, um, months. I'm usually an "I'm awake, time to poop" kind of gal. No poop this am. Damn you, fiberless, sodium-riddled day!

Anyway, not sure if I should just send that to Allan or wait til tomorrow. We have a family thing tomorrow and, knowing me and my talent for "Cuban time" lack of punctuality, I'll be running around and forget to weigh-in or email. I may just send this weigh-in for SPAWN the THIRD.

Anyway, hope your scale was smiling upon you today. Be well...


WS hotcakes with sugar-free syrup and applesauce
1/2 cup Egg Beaters with 1 Slice 2% cheese and mushrooms
2 cups coffee
8 glasses water


Kimberly said...

I once had a 4 lb gain in a week due strictly to using salt for the first time in years. For some strange reason I thought it would be good to use sea salt like all of the Food Network peeps do and I was throwing it in stuff just like they do. Then, without changing anything else my scale went up 4 lbs. I freaked OUT.

Sodium + Scales <> A happy me.

Drink your water. Get some sleep. And send your weigh in to Allan.

Mrs. D said...

Oh I had to laugh at the fiber thing!! I came to that same realization this week. Apparently a 90 cal fiber bar daily is necessary on top of what I get from my food. Drink your water and flush that junk! ;)

Beth said...

I suspect that your list of things are what kept me from seeing the loss last week. I didn't know about the potassium though, that's a great tip.

I am definitely bloated this evening and know it will affect the scales on my weigh in tomorrow but my clothes are fitting easier so I know it's just water retention or lack of sleep.

Great work on the calories, yay for the lowest day of the year!