Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 4 Spawn of SoDDDY Challenge: Where I Scream, Calm down, Enjoy some Hawaiian Mokka Java and Recommend Great Decafs for You Joe-Addicts, look forward to purdy Christmas Music, and Refuse to Let Frustrating Weigh-In Get to Me! ...and food/water log

Aah, Friday.

Hubby and I slept until 10 am. I love waking up and seeing his adorable sleeping face. I hated getting out from under the warm blankies, but I needed to do my poo/weigh-in/breakfast/water and get ready for a hair appt.

Weigh-in you already know. See previous post. Echoes of my holler in Miami probably reached you at a seismic-effect-inducing level.

I'm better now. I had my uber-veggie egg white omelet. Half of the multigrain bagel (w lowfat cheese), the one I bought Wednesday when I had a breakfast-out at the bagel place. Saved it in a Ziploc in the fridge and it toasted up fine, though Allan will attest to the fact that any bagel is best early in the morning when it's just out, all warm and nummsy.

Sipping my second cup of Hawaiian mokka java (it's actually intended for espresso, but I like it in my drip Technivorm. It's dark and good. If you love good coffee, visit Paradise Roasters or George Howell's Terroir coffee. Amazing beans from those places. Amazing. My fave coffee is a great Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I used to prefer the Terroir Ademe Bedane full flavor roast, but they stopped having it. I called. No more. Made me wanna cry. Both roasters have excellent Ethiopian, Brazilian, Guatemalan, and Sumatran coffees (those are my fave regions for coffee, in descending order. My fave roast is medium. My fave flavor profile is chocolatey/nutty or chocolatey/fruity, but I can go for chocolatey/spicey. Yes, you see a trend, right?)

I never used to like decaf. Then I tried GOOD decaf beans, and I was impressed. Then I tried the Costa Rican decaf Terroir is carrying in its GHH Select line, and I swooned. It has the sweet chocolate/nutty profile I adore. I actually have to check the bag at times, cause I find it hard to believe it's a decaf. Nice rounded cup, not the flat taste effect that is either subtle-to-prominent in decafs. The Paradise Roaster decafs have been very nice, but man, that Costa Rican one rocks my mouth!

Back to my mokka java: I made it strong to wake myself up. This is my first day getting up before 10:45 am in a while. :D Last week, I had several up after 4pm days (I am a vampire, really.)

I have calmed down considerably since post one (previous).

Allan sent out his encouragement emails. He cracks me up. The man is nothing if not passionate. I like that. I like people with that sort of intensity and energy. It wakes you up the way a good mokka java will. :)

Anyway, hair appt got postponed to 2:30, so I can chill with my coffee and water and messy hair. I'll go pick out what to wear to stay warm enough during the concert tonight. Maybe think about whether we'll hit a Coral Gables eatery afterwards (if concert runs 90 mins, we should be out by 9-ish, which is okay for dining). Hope it's a lovely day....and the echoes of my frustrated scream fade completely to make room for beautiful chorale music.

Food Log:

1 cup chopped mushrooms, zucchini, yellow and red peppers egg white omelette (no oil)
1/2 multigrain bagel with 1 slice 2% cheese and a smallish tomato sliced.
3 cups coffee
6 glasses water (2 before, 2 during, 2 after)
calories: 324
fluids: 72 oz

Lunch: keeping fluids low-ish, cause I don't wanna be running to the bathroom every 30 mins during the concert. Had to go THREE times at the beauty salon. Pish.

1 cup vegetarian split pea soup
2 Canadian bacon slices, chopped and added to soup
2/3 cup mashed instant potatoes
1/2 small banana, sliced, with 1 tsp sugar-free chocolate chips, nuked till hot, fat free whip cream dollop (very small but delish impromptu dessert for you all who like chocolate/banana combo, with fat free RediWhip for 67 cals)
2 cups decaf
4 glasses water
calories: 377
fluids: 48 oz

Calories So Far:  711
Fluids So Far:  120 (almost there)



Beth said...

Ooooo, have a great time at the concert. So glad you have managed to chillax after that early morning run-in with the scale. Whew. What's that saying...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned by the scale...

I've never found any decaf that I think is worth drinking. Sounds like we have similar coffee tastes my hubs likes bitter coffees made into espresso AND he drinks them cold!!! Can you imagine anything worse? He does like a good crema though and uses a proper espresso maker.

Mrs. D said...

I've never cared for decaf, but I lurve me some coffee. We finally bought a keurig this summer (we aren't bean-grinders yet!) so we can have whatever we want, whenever we want, without doing a whole pot.

I'm glad you're not still worrying about the scale- it will work out in the end. Sometimes our bodies just need time to adjust. And sometimes our scales just have a death wish! Enjoy the concert!!