Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 7 Spawn of SoDDDY Challenge: Where ground is gained, Pilates is done, Knees ache from Bowling, and Good Mood is Back! Plus food/water log

Tanita-san: 240.4

Pretty much where I was last Friday before The Big Fail and the Friday before. It sucks to be in this holding pattern when I only, only, only had one over-calories day. ONE. I still do not understand that.

So, things are looking down..and up.

Yesterday, I ate fewer than 1300 calories. Not by plan. I simply saved hubby's dessert (homemade sugar-free apple compote over D'Lites low-cal, lower-carb dairy frozen treat) so late--when he wanted it, around 10:30 pm--then had some with him,  that it kept me from being hungry enough to eat my own dinner at a reasonable hour. (He and I are on different hours/rhythms, so when he's having dinner, it's MY lunchtime.)

As it was, I did not sleep my optimal hours (went to bed at 4:30 am, was up at 11 am to have time for breakfast before Pilates). So, I'm hoping to get more snooze tonight, as successful losing, for me, means I gotta sleep loads.

Pilates was great. My breathing is normal. The cool weather is refreshing. My hair looked insanely good (the protein treatment Friday made m y curls CURLIER and my hair shinier and softer). My top was too baggy (bought it 30 pounds ago, and it was really tight back then). My leggings were nicely snug. And I had enough energy to get the job done, although the knees were balking. They got stressed a bit bowling Saturday.

I'm feeling very good mood-wise, but the UTI is making for some lower abdominal achiness. Need to get the culture done this week and get that taken care of. Don't wanna be paining for Christmas.

Isn't it nice on those days when you feel full of vim and are happy and sing while walking around?

Anyway, not much else to report other than it's nice to see the scale go down again and my mood rise and I wanna wrap this up so I can visit blogs, respond to email, get my bloggy award (thanks, Ann!) and then go jump hubby's smexy bones. :D

Food Log:

1/2 cup scrambled egg whites on top of a slice of Whole Foods whole wheat bread
with 2 slices 2% cheese
1 cup fresh papaya chunks
2 cups coffee
6 glasses water

Lunch: at bagel place
1 scooped and toasted multigrain bagel
3/4 of an egg white frittata with mushrooms and spinach (I asked for minimal oil)
1.33 tbsp whipped cream cheese and 1.33 tbsp Smuckers strawberry jam
2 cups decaf
6 glasses water

Calories for both meals:  891
Fluids so far: 128 oz (need to reach accelerated rate of 135 oz)

1 can Campbell's Healthy Request Select Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup
with this added: ~1/4 cup kidney beans and ~1/4 cup 2% shredded cheddar
and ~1 can organic Valley Fresh chicken breast (sooo nummy for canned soup)
1.5 cups mango slices/chunks
1/4 Florida avocado (like em better than Calif)
1 mini-pack of coconut Pocky 
2 cups decaf
4 glasses water
calories: 837
fluids:  64 oz

Total Calories: 1729
Total fluids: 192 oz


Anne H said...

Plateaus.... they suck but what can ya do...
Just plan to ride out the proverbial sh*t storm, eh!?
It will work out. No doubt!

Kimberly said...

Yeah, I had the same experience. I am back to last Monday's weigh in. I think the amount of sodium did me in. But I am over it now.

I am so happy that your breathing is under control and all is well. That must make everything else so much easier to deal with.

Diandra said...

Keep in mind that it's not only about the weight loss, but also about living healthier and feeling better. Even if the scale won't budge, as long as you're feeling better you've been successful.

BTW, for UTI my sister recommends drinking hot elderberry juice, possibly with some honey (it's a bit sour).

Beth said...

So glad to hear the mood lifting and the cool weather bringing easier breathing.

Nothing like a good hair day to lift one's spirits!

The 30's will be here soon, they will. Grrrr, just riiiiight on the edge...
That will be a big psychological boost for you.

Joy said...

Yeah it takes me about a good week to get back in the rhythm even when I have only had ONE off-plan meal; it sucks but next week will be better!

Side note: I am so incredibly jealous of your hair. Mine is dead straight and takes me all the hair care products in the world to get it to curl. Your hair is beautiful!

Anne H said...

I totally missed the jumping of the bones part the first time.....

Princess Dieter said...

But Anne, that's the BEST PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haahaha