Sunday, December 19, 2010

More "Shopping in My Closets"...piles and piles of stuff, some even from the early nineties!

I went through a bunch of stuff in the back room--clothes that I hadn't worn in a while. I made a big "donate pile" including some stuff still with tags on. I made a HUGE throw-out pile--clothes from size 24 on up to 30, most 26/28 and way too baggy. They're trash cause I don't donate stuff with wear or stains, natch.

Was sad to see some old fave girly chiffony tops that are too loose. Should have dug them out and worn them sooner.

Did find a possible Christmas or New Year top. A pretty blouse in my perfect style: 3/4 sleeves and Empire waist. It was a gift several years ago from my niece, back when I was about 280 or late 270s. Didn't fit. Now, fits nice. Very pretty black and white print with shiny beads in the high-waisted detail . Party-ready! I am gonna Woolite that baby and show it to my niece with a "Hey, I get to finally enjoy your gift!" Just need some nice smooth black slacks to go with it or a nice black at-to-above knee slimmish or A-Line skirt. I may have to hit the mall --Macy's, maybe--after all.

I found several hardly to never-worn size 18/20 athletic pants and size 22 denim leggings just starting to fall into "kinda loose" territory in the thighs, but otherwise wearable and comfy. Gonna wash em and wear em. Nice to have "new" stuff to wear.

I know some other challenge bloggers have been doing the "Lordy, need to find clothes that fit" thing. Maybe you, too, have back room or back-o-da-closet stashes. Get them out. Enjoy them before they stop fitting. :) Cause they' probably will stop fitting in a month or so.

Happy what's-left-of-Sunday.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Going through my closet sounds like a good idea. I'll give that a try tomorrow. :)

Kelly said...

Girl, I was doing the same thing today. I even got on a pair of size 14 shorts that belong to my daughter though they are too big for her. Made my day.
Also having fun "shopping" online. Just window shopping really. Looking at all of the cute stuff I can wear one day. But I am running out of clothes quickly. is fun to shop because when you pick an item they suggest other items to complete the look. Love it. :)

Here's to a smaller us and new clothes!