Monday, December 20, 2010

I so have to try these frozen burritos! 7 grams of fiber and fewer than 200 calories?! AND ...Are these the worst snack of 2010?

Read the Evol burrito review HERE

I hope these are better than the Bear Naked Granola--these were acquired/put out by the same dudes--which neither I nor my husband liked. :)

I have not had any frozen burritos that I really loved, and those were more than 200 cals. We shall see.

I have a huge weakness for Mexican food. If these babies are numsy, it's nice to have an easily nuked product to enjoy with fiber. Yes, I like having great poops. Bring on the beans!


Snack Girl says THESE are the worst snack of the year. I don't know if I'd agree with WORST, but I do think these suck the big one. I tried them when they first came out and went, "Ick" and threw out the rest. Even hubby, an Oreo-lover, thought they sucked. These in no way remotely satisfy any sort of cookie craving for me. And they certainly don't taste like Oreos. They are overpriced and Snack Girl is right on the other points. I'd rather have two of the real things for the same calories  (which are also crap, but they are addictive and tasty crap) than this pack. Then again, my junk treat of choice lately has been Coconut Pocky--which is crap that's 74 calories per serving. Save 26 calories and get more flavor and that Pocky "crispy-snap".

What's your worst snack of the year?


Karen Butler Ogle said...

All snack are the "worst" for me as I don't snack much. I also don't do much frozen foods as I prefer fresh meals. I do sometimes use frozen vegetables though. I'm getting picky in my old age. :)

Anne H said...

Yum and not so yum.....
Worst snack?
Cashews..... finally got wize and learned to walk right past them.
Should have done that all along.

Diandra said...

I don't like pre-packed snacks, although I will turn to dried fruit or nuts when I feel a craving and don't want more fresh fruit. Usually I have one cookie with my coffee (which, surprisingly, works great, with the cookie jar sitting on my desk in plain view), and maybe a piece of FairTrade chocolate at night, but apart from that... my day is divided into five tiny meals: Breakfast, fruit, lunch, yogurt/dried fruit/nuts, dinner.

Beth said...

Well, I have to fess up and say that I brought a pack of Frakensnacks from Weight Watchers with me as a treat for Christmas...not sure how treaty they will be as I'm used to bingeing on my own baking but hey, 70 calories of FrakenCarrot Cake won't kill me...we'll see... I'm glad that there are no 100 calorie snack packs on sale here...I'd be the numpty buying them!