Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 28 Son of DDDY Challenge: Is this finally the dreaded carb uptick? Dunno. But log

Sooooooooooooooo sleepy. Only slept five hours. Ack.

Tanita-san says, "241.8"

What the hey?

Okay, I was waiting to see how my ever-increasing carb intake (still trying to find a way to test that DNA test result recommendation, but breaking eating habits is hard) takes a toll. Yesterday may have started the initial carb stall/uptick.

I had: ww bread, potatoes, rice, corn, beans, fruit (including the low-carber's dreaded BANANA, well, half), bran cereal, raisins.

And I'm up a pound a change in the last three days without going over my calories.

I knew this would be hard--it's hard--and that this is just what carbs do to a body and if I'm gonna ratchet up to 55 to 65% carbs, I had to expect it.

Don't like it, though. I don't know if I can be patient and do this. We'll see. I expect it's a temporary body adjustment thing and as long as I stay in a good caloric range, the drop will eventually come.

Still hard. I was spoiled with a pretty consistent rate of loss in the last 3 months, so this irks. And is a tad scary.

So, will I stick it out or go back to my lower carb ways? Hah!

For now, staying the carby course to test the genes.

food log:

2 slices ww toast
1/4 cup egg whites and 1 slice 2% cheese
1 cup fresh papaya chunks
2 cups coffee
6 glasses water

calories: 239
fluids: 64 oz

Pilates: 55 mins with trainer
4 glasses of water afterwards

1 can Amy's lower in Sodium MINETRONE soup
1/4 cup kidney beans (added to soup)
1/4 cup reduced fat mozzarella (added to soup)
1 tbsp shaved parmesan (soup topping)
8 glasses water
2 glasses iced tea

calories: 266
fluids: 80 oz


Beth said...

Sorry it's not straightforward. I heard someone say recently that our bodies are not mathematical equations, they are chemistry labs. And I guess that's what you are seeing happen here. You predicted a gain with the transition and I thought you were probably right but it didn't happen immediately but it is what you thought might happen, it's just taken a bit of time for the water weight to settle in.

And again, I ate carb heavy all of my maintenance years and I was fine. I know that you are not me (see how clever I am) but it might help to remember that *someone* did it successfully - there is such a preponderance of protein heavy diets around.

I haven't had time to review the links that you gave about the genetic testing but it seems worth it to keep sticking it out for a while and see how your body adjusts. Certainly from what I know about genetics because of the little man, it makes sense that eating a diet according to one's genetic tendencies would be of benefit.

Hang in there and your skinny jeans comment was great, I'm so pleased that you rocked them and even got complimented! You go girl.

Debbie said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and let me know how you like your kit. About my lunch I had a banana sandwich.. I love them..