Sunday, December 19, 2010

For the Princess' Blog Record: Allan is...

A fabulous challenge leader
A terrifically loving husband
An amazing dieter
A hard-working man in the food business (of all things! How does he resist!)
A helpful and inspiring weigh-loss blogger
A no-holds-barred dieting bullshit detector

Perfect, no.

But if I gave an impression that I did not respect his efforts or was not impressed by his personal victory over food or thought he was some sort of complete ass,  then my bad.

We have different styles, but I am on board that he's RIGHT when it comes to a lot of the diet/exercise/water stuff and when he dissects the malingering tendencies in the weight loss community. (Hey, I have a previous blog that's virtually a paen to diet malingering. I wish someone had called my butt on it a while ago.) I may not like the tones employed, but I can always see the nuggets of truth in those reality checks.

I will say this: I've never found anyone more inspiring in 3+ years of reading dieting blogs. Allan and Lyn of Escape From Obesity have been my two main inspirations, and they are totally different types of bloggers. Each has helped me focus in different ways to get some poundage off. Both have been great helps to me and I feel gratitude to both, and even some long-distance affection.

Every day I think I'll fall on my face and not make it. Every day that I don't binge and stay within my calorie limit is a day that I make it not just to accessing an inner angel to fight the food demon, but to the dieting bloggers out there who give me hope, offer encouragement, blog their reality,  and kick my butt semi-gently to no-gently-at-all when needed.

So, there...I said it. :)

And if you wonder why I even bothered to post this, see the comments on the previous post.


Stacy said...

I agree with you totally about both Lyn and Allan. I make sure I read their posts whenever I see them on my lil page because I know I'm going to always get something from their posts. They are both totally honest regardless.

Digger said...

Well said! You verbalized the gratitude I feel for Allan and all his work to help all of us. Fellow bloggers keep me going when the going gets rough.

skinnyhollie said...

I don't even know who Allan is, but his comment was snarky. I didn't think you were being an ass at all.

What is SSDDDC? I've heard a lot of people talk about it.

Allan said...

Case in point. Read Skinnyhollie's comment. I was snarky ? I said I thought you were calling me an ass, not that you are an ass..I think I need to be left along from all this please..