Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 22 Spawn of DDDY Challenge: Another downtick and Feeling bones! The pleasure of sensual, though unhealthy, fat...some good links...and Enjoying new Athletic Shoes...Oh, and Stay warm, ye snowbound!

Tanita-san: 234.6

I had a really nice surprise, as you can see, with today's hop on the scale. That's 1.4 down from Sunday. Not expected at all, but quite cheering.

Yesterday's calories fell just over 1400. 55 minutes of Pilates. That must have helped.

Apple Shape by Carb Tripper
When I woke up, I ran my hands up and down my torso as I usually do to assess bloat. I don't like to weigh if I feel bloaty. Since I had some chicken teriyaki--not much about 2 to 2.5 ounces--and the soy sauce is my bloat enemy, I was checking. Instead of feeling bloat, I felt bones down there--pelvic bones--and up here--a rib. Strange to feel anything other than cushy fat. Those of you who've been morbidly obese know what I mean, right? And those of you who are apples like me know that best of all. The layers and layers of abdominal fat obscure all the bony bits in there. Make for great bedfellows.

(Yes, it's true: Fat feels good. Really good, way better than bones, so heck, I used to feel up my fat torso just to enjoy the cushiness of all that adiposity! I totally get why harems were populated with lush women. If I were some caliph, I'd want me some fat love bunnies, too! I remember when hubby had 35 extra pounds. Man, his back and sides were so superyummy! cushy! Now, he looks hot, but you can feel the bonesies in bed. Too bad there's not a way to look really sleek and hot and FEEL really soft and cushy. hahahaha)

I remember when I first started Pilates in 2008 weighing in the 270s. In the first sessions, you are learning imprinting and there's an exercise where you put your thumbs on your lower ribs and your pinkies on your hip bones. I could not feel bones. I just could not find my hipbones. Or pelvic bones. It was a bit embarrassing. Now, I surely can find them. :D

I haven't done any meal planning for today. I wish I had gotten extra "fresh Vietnamese veggie rolls" cause I still want some. Yum. Maybe I'll get some tomorrow when I'm running errands.

I have another set of salad fixings in the fridge, and that was so yummy yesterday, I'll just replicate it. Lots of coffee and tea to keep the chill away. Whoa, you guys up north must be bone-shaking down to your marrow. Those blizzard pics make my teeth chatter. Stay warm!

Hope my niece and the kiddies can get home in a timely matter. They went to NYC and hoped for snow, and I suppose this is a case of getting MORE than one bargained for. At least the kids are having a great time with the white stuff--snowmen, snowballs, jumping around. :)

Speaking of having fun jumping around, I love my new athletic shoes. Because I overpronate and have wide feet (less wide than before, but still), I got a new pair of Brooks (these are great for problem feet and wide feet and overpronators) and a pair of Asics. I've been really enjoying the extra boost of energy I get with new, springy sneakers! I bought them a few weeks ago in preparation for the exercise portion of the Challenge. I thought I'd have to drop out beforehand when it went to 1200 calories, but Allan noted on his blog that we could try it and then drop out if we weren't suited. So, I figured, why not give it a shot at least. One should try, even if skeered a bit. :) I guess I don't have as much faith in my ability as I would wish, but I'm willing to give it a solid shot. Hence, the sneaks. Hence, eating some days in the lower calorie range.

Ann is also getting ready for the exercise challenge. Are you?

Oh, and if you haven't dropped by, visit Carb Tripper for a Learning Day full of great doodles and useful links for those interested in obesity (for personal or other reasons). (Her doodles are da best!)

And if you're ready to QUIT OVEREATING and start a diet/weight-loss regimen, then do read this article. It's more about how to prepare to do it and the right environment/mindset/planning than a New Year's resolution, but it's a really good one and if you've been off plan or just starting a journey to normal weight, you should read it.


Let's make this cold week one that burns off tons of calories. Shiver away, people! Fire up the metabolism!

Be well today and DO NOT OVEREAT. Okay?



Kelly said...

I as doing the exact same thing feeling my bones. I even felt the tip of my sternum! It's kind of cool to get bumpy in a good way.
I'm. In the challenge too and looking forward to losing even more weight.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Working on the not overeating thing. So far so good. I usually do my eating at night though so the challenge is still ahead. I'm getting ready for phase 4. I have my Curves toning sneakers and I'm getting the treadmill set back up the way I want it to make the walking as pleasant as possible. I also feel the need to regain some lost flexibility so I ordered a beginners yoga DVD. It will be here in a couple of days. I would love to join a real yoga class but until the budget allows the purchase of second vehicle, the DVD will have to do. Cheers!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Isn't it great to realize there are bones in there??

You can DO the 1200 calories! Think of how many years were spent eating WAY more than that? You just have to do it for about 6 months and you'll probably be around your goal. It will be so worth it, you'll feel great!

Ann (-48 lbs in -60 lb challenge) said...

You had me at fat love bunnies! LOL

Thanks for the article link. YES, it is time to prepare, definitely. We have to eliminate all those excuses we dream up. Come on, everyone here knows what I am talking about ... we've all done it.

NOT in '11, of course! New year, better attitude, improved results!! NO MORE TWOs (as first digits) next Christmas ... we can do this!


Diandra said...

I know the whole bone bit from the other side of the fence... all members of my family are "cushioned", and although I am as well, I happen to have collected the least amount of extra cushioning (currently I am 8kg from a "normal" BMI and approx. 15kg from my goal weight). Therefore whenever, as a child, I would sit on someone's lap, the other family member would complain about my "poky" bones. Ha ha. (I still have poky bones.)

The BF has collected some cushioning as well, since we have met (less time for exercise and regular meals - that bachelor life must be good for something, after all!), and I have to say I don't like it that much. There's less poking, you're right, but I prefer feeling muscles instead of all that soft tissue. And I'll take the bones with the muscles any time. ^^

Beth said...

Yay for da bonz...I've just had some pop out a bit too, it's a bit disconcerting when they've been hidden away for a few years.

Wow again on the poundage loss, that's fab.

Anne H said...

You are awesome!
Your kind words mean everything to me.
So nice to have a kind shout-out or two.
Thank you!