Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 9 Spawn of SoDDDY Challenge: Another drop, Which Makes me Think Shivering is Good For Weight Loss! A look at my ratio and where I fell short in nutrients on my "vegetarian eating day", and Clothes I blew Right Past and Never Got To Wear!...Plus food/fluid log

Scale: 238.4

2/5ths of a pound down from yesterday. Nice.

Well, apparently, as long as one stays clothed and has a good blankie, one can survive being in the 30's temperature-wise and not use a heater. We're proof.

We only have ONE warm blanket, so last night was not very comfy for sleeping, especially when I first went to bed and everything on the bed was COLD!  This is Miami, for Pedro's sake! I don't own any substantial sweater. Don't own a coat. Don't own a warm cap or gloves. Never fricken need multiple blankets.

I need to go buy a coat and blankets. If January and February bring more of this, I need to be able to sleep better. I need a big, warm comforter, methinks. And jammies. I don't own warm jammies. I normally sleep nekkid.

So, maybe shivering does help with the losses. hahah

How low does it have to get outside before you put on the heater?

Yesterday's calories settled at 1566. I had a vegetarian day--only noticed at dinnertime I had had no chicken/meat. I had seven servings of fruits/veggies, and I just ran the nutritional feedback on SparkPeople and it came to this ratio: 56.5/25.2/18.3 in terms of carbs/fats/protein.  (Note: the DNA test said I should eat at 65/20/15 for optimal loss. )  I was low on a lot of nutrients: zinc, selenium, iron, panthothenic acid, copper, B12, etc. So, today, I'm gonna focus on getting in those nutrients, even if it means supplements. I'm always, always low on zinc and almost always on selenium and iron and B12 and folate. I'm used to being low on those (not being able to eat seafood, not being willing to eat organ meats, and limiting nuts effects such things).

On an NSV front: More clothes that fit and some that I was holding until "I got smaller" and now are too loose. I missed my chance. So, the pile of clothes barely or never worn for Goodwill or the Salvation Army is growing. I will encourage y'all in the challenge to try clothes on FREQUENTLY, especially if you've been saving outfits. I cannot believe how fast they were  in the category of "too loose". And one that I put away as too tight is now wearable and has a bit of looseness in the butt and thighs. So, stay on top of the "clothes waiting for a smaller size." You might bypass them altogether. And that sucks! Wasted moolah.

Here's to you and me and everyone in the challenge and all those NOT in the challenge but looking to lose some excess fat-baggage having a really good low-cal eating day. STAY WARM (or not...shiver away the pounds!)

Food Log:

egg white omelette made with: 3/4 cups egg whites, 1 cup broccoli slaw, 1/4 cup shredded lowfat cheddar, using 1 tsp of EVOO to smear on the nonstick pan.
1 slice whole wheat bread with 2 tsp ICBINB spread and 2 tsp Smuckers apple jelly
1 Morningstar breakfast 'sausage' patty
1/2 red grapefruit
2 cups coffee
6 glasses water (2 before, 2 during, 2 after)
calories: 494
fluids: 64 oz

1 cup Amy's organic black bean chili with:
1 tbsp nonfat sour cream and 1/8th cup 2% shredded cheddar
1 pear (so sweet!) and 1 4-pack of Coconut Pocky (mmmmm)
2 cups decaf
6 glasses water
calories: 425
fliuds: 64 oz

1 cup cooked oatmeal with 1/3 cup blueberries and 1/2 cup canned peaches (in water, not syrup) and cinnamon/splenda
2 glasses water
calories : 201
fluids: 16 oz (not counting water in oatmeal)

2 Organic Valley Stringles w/ 2 tbsp marinara sauce
2 glasses water
calories: 178
fluids: 16 oz

Total Calories: 1298
Total Fluids:  160 oz


Kelly said...

Stay warm. Maybe a nice electric blanket. Or a SNUGGIE! :D

Roxie said...

Heater comes on around 55 degrees. It's not that we can't survive in the cold, it's that we don't want our pipes to freeze and bust. That is way more expensive than the heat.

My allergies kill me in the winter and the heat makes it worse. I found as long as you use a good humidifier it helps. I'm not talking about one of those vicks things either, they make some that you can switch between hot and cold humidity. It's nice!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Florida used to be our frequent vacation spot. Back then it was really cold and snowy all winter here so often we would load up the car and head to Daytona Beach for some sunshine. Imagine our surprise when we found ourselves on the beach watching the snow flurry down one year. We got back in the car and drove down the coast to Key West for our sunshine fix.

spunkysuzi said...

Believe it or not i'm in Canada and while we put the heat on in the living room when it gets really cold we haven't put the heat on in the bedroom for 10 years! Guess i'm just 'hot' stuff :)

Anne H said...

I use a little heating pad.... I shiver all day....
Shiver me timbers and all that..... Aye be gar....

Beth said...

I've no idea how you do it. I'm still wearing my ski gear indoors, I feel the cold constantly. Right now, I 've got on ski baselayer, sub zero gillet (like a vest) an fleecy sweater. And I'm under an electric blanket with the laptop.

What is wrong with me!? I'm not THAT slim!

And you know, that whole clothes and wasted money thing is one of the main reasons that I want to get out of this weight loss gig and get into maintenance. I dunno but going through all that "stuff" (i.e. clothes, shoes, coats) grates on me. It seems so wasteful and so irritating. I've done exactly what you've written about, forgotten about smaller clothes until they were too small.

Right now I'm about to go on a freezing cold vacation and I don't have a really warm coat that fits me and I don't want to buy one because HOW LONG WILL I BE THIS SIZE? Who knows? It's a million dollar question...I'M SICK OF IT.

I want off this gravy train. And quick.