Friday, December 10, 2010

Face the Truth Fridays: My Body Must Be Effed Up! How Can I have the lowest eating week of my adult life and weigh MORE?

Scale = 240.8

Yes, that's + 1/5th of a pound from last Friday's weigh-in.

You would not like the expression on my face right now.

And yet--and I'm am NOT bee-essing you here--this has probably been the lowest eating (calorically) week of my adult life. So much so that I have been in wonder that I haven't gone all binge-nuts.

I have taken time out of every day--usually right after a meal when possible--to log every bite and drink. When at home, I measure/weigh. When it's a a restaurant, I deconstruct, and then add a bit extra in case I deconstructed "off". I look up restaurant sites for caloric info. I've had to wrestle myself down during some cravings.

I've been a ridiculously good girl, better than at any other week in my adult life, calorie-wise. I ate more the week I had an appendectomy had had one NO FOOD DAY, seriously!



12/09 = 1480
12/08 =  1297
12/07 = 1247
12/06 = 1208
12/05 = 1039
12/04 = 1469
12/03 = 1117

Add in two sessions with my personal trainer (meaning hard work and very sore 24 hours later).

How can I be eating THIS LITTLE and busted my Pilates ass at least twice and not have at least a 1.5 to 2 pound loss?

The carb/extra fruit factor? Maybe. I've gone out of my way to add more grains and fruit than I have been since May.  My thyroid is doing something weird? Maybe. Does a possible UTI do this? Who knows. (Got a call from doc yesterday that I had bacteria in my urinalysis and she wants a culture. Fine. Maybe the pain down there isn't all the Pilates lower abdominal work....)  Or is this the dreaded PLATEAU? (I have been losing since June, so...)

Honestly, it's making me a wee bit nuts today. First day I'm truly frustrated on this eating plan. I don't expect mega-losses. I do expect what I've had even eating 1700 calories--about a pound or a bit more a week.

The Truth I'm Facing: This week the math isn't working. Other factors--maybe not all accounted for--are at play. But definitely, this is one of the freaking-factor weeks. Eating less. Measuring. Weighing. Drinking Water. NOT moving less. Gaining.

Eff that crap!

I will persist. But I'm pissed at my body today. I may have to slap my own face. :P  If it wouldn't scare the neighbors, I'd go outside and holler. Instead, I'll yell internally and get it out of my system.

Okay, vented. Got that out. Time to drink water, eat breakfast, and not let any damn thing--not even an anti-Math week--get me down.


Mrs. D said...

I've seen a couple people that aren't losing or gaining during the week, and I'm wondering if it has something to do with how the body will react when it thinks it's being deprived.. Your systems adapting to a new plan, so it may be slow to actually show the results at first- at least that's my theory!! You kicked ass all week- don't let it get you down!!

Beth said...

OMG. Lookie, here, missy, this week will catch up with you. I dunno what's going on with yer body but it will catch up and the weight will come off.

I still am baffled by my week where I had 800 OR LESS calories a day and did not loose a pound. But thankfully, just the week before that happened to me, I'd seen someone's blog (who is loosing weight consistently) go up one pound on less than 1,000 calories a week and lots of exercise.

You keep on keepin' on. It will come off. Let's just see what happens over time.

PS did you know that the first time that I lost weight (those 70 pounds all those years ago) I did not weigh myself for months and months. EVER. It was only when I was nearing what I thought I should be that I jumped on the scales. I'm not endorsing that plan of action but just to say that the scales can bring a lot of ridiculousness into our lives, they have with me and in some ways I wish that I wasn't weighing right now at all.

I had to not weigh last time as a firm and strong signal to myself that weight loss was not my only motivator, that health and well being were what I was aiming for.

You hang in there, this will adjust itself over time.