Friday, September 10, 2010

Face The Truth Fridays: Met Loss Goal, Didn't Meet Activity or Intrinsic Motivation Goals, Hubby noticed shrinkage, and Thoughts after watching THINTERVENTION...

724 days to go...


Oh, sorry for not posting for a couple of days. Had a family event Wednesday (brother's post-surgical recovery, sister's "real" birthday day, family visitation) and just felt so hot and miserable Thursday after Pilates (got a heat rash again). I'm not handling heat well since the start of perimenopause  and in-menopause. Not at all. I had to get a steroid shot and prescription steroid cream mid-summer, and now as summer is waning (but the heat and humidity is still daunting for my heat-intolerant body), I can only peer into the cooler-weather horizon with great longing.


The scale says;  256.6

For a roller-coaster week (two bad eating days, both when I got together with family, too) and a week with only ONE day of exercise, well, I should just say, THANK GOD I LOST!

Start Weight:  258
Goal Loss: 1 pound
Week's Loss: 1.4 lbs
Goal Met

Since I intend to stay goal-oriented, I plan to weigh-in on Fridays and see if I met the goal(s) or not.

I had a goal of 3x a week exercise. I only did one. (Canceled Pilates on Monday as studio was closed for holiday, didn't do anything at home. Nada.)

I have not worked on my intrinsic motivation--well, scratch that, as I did work on it ONE day this past week. Pfft.  I need to make sure I set time out every day to work on this, because I need not just to control snacking and plan meals, but to MOVE MOVE MOVE.

Okay, been making some solid choices for dinners. I usually binged at nighttime, and making lower carb dinner choices, or a combo of high-fiber with carbs, has kept me feeling less binge-y in the evenings. I do my WonderSlim puddings or shakes if I get a nosh-need while watching PrimeTime tv. No sugar to make me go into a snack frenzy. So far. Yay.

One nice motivator is that after hubby got home last night, I was taking off my workout top and was walking away in my Danskin bootleg workout pants and my bra, and hubby ways, "Oh, I can really tell you're losing weight. Your middle is smaller." Heh.

 Anyone watched THINTERVENTION?

I like Jackie Warner. Well, the JW I saw on episode 1 of THINTERVENTION.

She kind of looks mannish--I don't wanna be that Amazonishly muscled and hipless--but I like how she talks to her clients and how she says stuff to them as they exercise in a very controlled, but emphatic manner. She's not annoying me the way Jillian Michaels does (on TBL she got on my nerve!) I like her a lot better than Bob (who started off as the softie then got super-annoying, too, so I had to stop watching TBL.)

Now, I don't know if Jackie will wear well-I saw a passing remark about her being a b***h, but didn't read the article-- but I just find her really likable in the series debut: serious, tough, even-tempered, not freakishly emotional/nasty/camera-playing/etc. I know she had a previous reality show (didn't watch it, don't know if she's a raging maniac in her personal life), but I dig her as a trainer.

Jackie Quote: "The number one thing working against you is your MIND, so overcome it!"

And I like how she told the mommy in the show that you don't show love to your kids by setting them up for obesity, too, with chocolate and candy and junk. JW  QUOTE: "If you want to give them love, you give them berries, you give them apples."

Yes. Let's stop getting kids used to junk. We are all to used to using sugary things as ways of showing love or giving rewards. Not such a great idea to connect love emotionally with unhealthful foods.

Let's get them used to reaching for a wedge of cheese, a tbsp of peanut butter on an apple, some high fiber crackers with no-sugar added preserves, some oatmeal with berries some no-sugar added yogurt and nuts. Let's stop poisoning the livers of the little ones.

Okay, nuff sermonizing about kids and junk. :)

Watching the show made me think having someone do the whole shebang--come to your house, tell you where the traps are, assists you in choosing more wisely, then tells you what you need to do exercise-wise, is a basic, good first step--and every fricken health plan should REQUIRE THIS for it's obese (or overweight) clients, even if it's a prerequisite FOR STAYING on the health plan to schedule and accomplish this, even if it requires a copay.  (Yeah, I'm a tyrant now, sorry, but if that's what it takes to motivate us, so be it.  People sometimes just won't do things, even basic health things, unless carrot-stick methods come into play.)

A home visit a fridge/pantry check, a discussion of good foods and meals according to preferences and medical issues, and ONE introduction to exercise session with a personal trainer. Just one day to do all that would probably do a lot to set people into a better mindset. I suspect many people out there just don't know WHERE TO START soundly, at home or at the gym. (Gyms can be hellaciously intimidating to us fatties.)

I think for health plans to pay for one day with a trainer/nutritionist to do this would probably pave the way to reducing health costs. Maybe a follow-up visit with both. After that introductory set of lessons, send the patients to a website to log intake, exercise, ask questions. Probably charge a minimal amount to let clients do this.

Maybe that's pie in the sky, and I realize it's ultimately up to people--ie ME, YOU--to want to change and follow-through. But still, I really suspect people need a professional nudge in both directions--diet and exercise.

Maybe add a consultation with a behavioral therapist to get some tips, materials.

We have an obesity epidemic. It's past time to really take action and require action be taken.

Okay, so there it is. I met the loss goal. Didn't meet activity and motivation goals. Got a hubby acknowledgement of changing body. And found a weight loss show to check out weekly.


Anonymous said...

That's great that your husband is starting to see a difference too! Congratulations :) Also, it's good that you're staying motivated and so positive. You're such an inspiration.

Lanie Painie said...

Hubby noticing is one of the bet NSV's evah! They are so important to us, it's nice to be noticed!

I just read your comment on Allan's blog and decided to come check you out. Decided to add you to my awards list and my blog roll. I have more reading to do now . . .

Three days of exercise isn't enough. I think you should expect more of yourself. It's going to make all the difference in the world!