Friday, September 17, 2010

Face the Truth Fridays: Made this week's goal...surprisingly..and seeking that iron resolve!

Despite the chocolate bomb and some off plan meals and some lazing about (been avoiding outdoors due to recurrent heat rashes), I made my weekly goal: I lost a pound and a scosh. :)

Weigh-in: 255.2

That's 1.4 lbs lost. Same amount lost the first week.

Surprised me, I can tell you. I thought I'd be the same or UP.

Okay, so, thank you rainbow chard and cantaloupe and not having pasta or bread with those meatballs yesterday. Heh.

The truth that I'm facing up to this week is that to make the life changes (see the previous post on that subject), I'm going to have to find some walled-off, latent, untapped--pick a term--pool of resolve that I haven't had to tap into for years. What I want to do health-wise and in other areas is going to be even harder than I had anticipated. I'm not put off, but I am realizing this can become a huge, huge life passage for me. Yeah, a bit scary.

But also exciting.

Inertia begone.

This past week, reading fatfighter blogs, I came across two who pretty much talked about just DECIDING, just having that iron resolve that refuses to budge from a mindset or lose sight of the prize. I think that is what I needed to read and I want to emulate that (though, I will be honest, it's very easy for me to lose momentum and lose that vision, as evidenced by the regret I feel for so many lost opportunities to FOLLOW THROUGH on doors that opened for me.) I've got a huge pile of unfinished projects behind me, and I know this is what makes me so full of regret when I play back the tape of my life.

Letting this flaw snake through my days has left me large with largely unrealized potential. That sucks more than I can say.

I admire iron resolve. I admire the spirit that refuses to be quenched.

That's what I want to be in the later years of my life. Not ruled by anxiety or insecurity or depression, but pressing on and getting to the goals I set, no matter how small or how dauntingly huge.

Wishing you a health-enhancing Friday and a great, great weekend. And iron resolve.


spunkysuzi said...

I feel like i have iron resolve right now and i'm going to make it last!!
Congratulations that's an awesome loss this week.
Have a great weekend.

L A U R A said...

Congrats on your loss this week!

The Better Idiot said...

255, woo! I've been following your blog for a long time and this is the best progress I've seen you make since I started reading, go you! Have you considered getting some exercise equipment for in your house so you don;t have to worry about heat reash when you go outside? That way you'd have no reason to skip it.

Princess Dieter said...

THANKS...I'm excited myself at the progress. Your challenge really did kickstart me. Let's do one for Christmas!!!

I did exercise in the house today. Not as hard as with a trainer, but I did some mat work and stretches, some dancing (see later post). I have a Malibu Pilates chair, a fitness circle, assorted weights, bands, a big fitness ball..and a treadmill that is in a room without a/c and is too big to move anywhere else, so has been sitting unused for years.