Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dinner: High Fiber Rotini, Sauteed Chard, Steamed Broccoli, Bibb Lettuce

715 days, 3 hours to go...

Okay, so for lunch I had a grilled chicken feast--the fajitas were nearly oil-free. I was pleasantly surprised. Instead of sauteeing, like so many Mexican places do, the chicken was simply grilled and the veggies lightly grilled (not much flavor, but that's okay, cause i had guac and pico de gallo and black bean salsa). Used low carb multigrain tortillas. No rice. No sour cream. No cheese. Had coffee and water.

Dinner: FiberGourmet rotini with Rao's marinara and 2% mozzarella. The steamed broccoli, sauteed rainbow Chard, and Bibb lettuce (with a tabespoon of Annie's Organic Goddess dressing) were all from my organic food co-op weekly share. Felt like a sweet drink, so had Coke Zero. Dang, that stuff tastes so much like the real, sugary thing. More Water.

I cut up fresh watermelon for dessert. Might have another pluot. They wuz yumsy last night.

Wondering if I'm going to the EarthDance event tomorrow (hippy dippy New Agey sorta "love the earth, love each other, dance for peace" sorta thing. There's gonna be music, geisha dancing, Bollywood dancing, drumming for healing, assorted spiritually classes/events--such as making a sexy organic vegan smoothie--and (if you were a devoted watcher of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, this next part will make you remember Edwina and the talking stick, and you will smile), a talking circle.  :::guffaw:::

Hubby's a drummer so he may do the drumming workshops.

I'm all psyched to see the fire spinners. Woohoo.

The neighborhood is artsy and up and coming, but still pretty much by the worst crime area down here. These are late afternoon and evening events.

I really don't wanna lose more parts of my car. Heh.

We'll see.

See, Allan. I made TWO POSTS.

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