Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My First Golden Kiwi, and Have You Ever Had a Sugar Apple?

Okay, so I'm back and had something to eat: 2 ounces grilled ground beef with onion and parsley, 2 falafel patties drizzled with tahini, hummus with half a pita, navy beans, two plums, and right now, am sucking the inner goodness out of a GOLDEN KIWI while 4 strawberries wait their turn.

Yum. I like these. I almost didn't bother cause I don't generally LIKE kiwi (the green ones). BUT, the lady who coordinates the local coop group said they were very sweet and delicious and BETTER than green kiwi.

I like em. Lots. Suck, suck, suck out the golden sweet innards. Mmmm.

Go here for a nice taste comparison with PICS.

So, while I'm slurpng fruity yumsiness, hubby tells me about some fruit a coworker was having. "I think it's called sweet apple, something like that." He describes it. I say, hmmm...and look it up. Show him the pic at this wikipedia entry: Sugar Apple.

Yeah, he says.

I say, "That's anon. I love the stuff. You can grow it in Florida. It's just been a while since you've seen me eat it." It's a fruit that just seems to show up rarely in my life, though it's yummy.  But it's one of my earliest memories of living in Florida. Getting one to eat from a relative we visited when I was 14, dark seeds against pale fruit flesh.

It's Sweet Sop. As opposed to one of my fave "juice" fruits: soursop.

Anyway, if you happen upon either in a farmer's market, given one or both a try. Lovely, lovey, lovely...strange fruit. :D

Now, if I could get up the nerve to try durian.

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