Sunday, September 19, 2010

No EarthDancing, Just Routine Chores and Nookie....and a yummy breakfast

 714 days, 7 hours to go...

So, we didn't hit the EarthDance. My heat rash told me to stay INDOORS.

Which is fine, as I can enjoy hubby's body in privacy. How many calories does nookie-wumpsy-bumps burn? Well, I guess it doesn't matter. I can't be in the kitchen scrounging for crap, if I'm attacking raspberry-pink nipples.

Chores do need to be done--mostly laundry right now, but dusting needs are urgent and...okay, my least fave...bathroom chores. Ick. Scrubbing has to burn more than potato-couching.

And I plan to dance some more--gotta make up for missing the New-Agey prayerdance rave, right? Gonna cue up my Mac Mini with YouTube goodies on the flat-screen (Gosh, I love watching streaming Japanese anime on that big tv using the Mac Mini) and move my fat bod.

Brekkie made me very happy. I've been doing a combo of those high-protein hotcakes and something with eggs/egg whites with appetite-calming success, so I keep on trucking that duo.

Today, I put low fat cheddar and pico de gallo (leftover from yesterday's lunch) on top of egg whites scrambled. On the hot cakes, instead of just sugar free syrup, I nuked organic strawberries from my co-op for a minute to compote them, and mixed in a bit of sucralose, and that made a lovely topping. Added some gourmet coffee from Paradise Roasters (Safira, Brazil, mmmm) that I mixed with the last scoop of the Terroir Cauca, Colombia Select blend and it was surprisingly nice. Had a cup of fresh watermelon, which really felt like summer-when-I-was-young in my mouth (though Lord knows I detest summer in Miami when I'm a hot-flashing old dame.)

Gotta drink more water. I'm so bad with water, so I really gotta push and push myself to get it down. But coffee, yeah, I can take another cup. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Hope Sunday is seeing you slimmer and more joyful. A new week has begun. Aren't new beginnings just lovely?

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L A U R A said...

Your breakfast sounds yummy!