Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scaling Back at Starbucks...AGAIN!

710 days, 11 hours, 45 mins to go...

Well, I think I'm ready to move down to the TALL size today. :)

I have a post-exercise latte habit. Two times a week, after Pilates, I head to the Starbucks that's on the first floor of the center where my studio is. Since 2008, June, I was used to getting my sugar-free, 2% milk latte. I started with Cinnamon Dolce, moved to Vanilla, stuck there. Sometimes, I'd try skim milk (the "skinny" lattes), but I gotta be honest. They just don't cut it. 

I like skim milk with my cocoa. Not with my coffee. I grew up, as most Cuban kids do, drinking "cafe con leche" for breakfast, and that was with whole milk, espresso, and sugar.
I can do without sugar. I can do with less than whole milk. But I gotta have the espresso and the bit of milk fat. There, that's the truth. :D

Earlier this year, I scaled back to venti with NO extra syrup. (I used to ask for two extra pumps of vanilla sugar-free syrup.) Then I scaled back to a grande size to save some calories.
Now...I'm ready to scale down to the tall size.

I guess that's like 3 slurps. hahahah
Anyway, it hurts less in stages than in one fell swoop.

Today..."Gimme a tall, iced vanilla latte: sugar-free, 2%. Thanks."


Allan said...

How about the poor man's Starbucks. Get a grande coffee, throw out half over by the milk counter, and add skim milk as you want or 2% and your own equal. Iced works the same, and the coffee in regular and Iced is always half the price of the Latte... Do it yourself....

Lesia said...

Thanks for the comment. enjoy your weekend:)

Princess Dieter said...

I had tried iced coffee with milk, and found it weak. I'm guessing it's cause the espresso is more concentrated, so adding ice waters it down, yeah, but not like regular coffee. And yeah, that tiny latte was 3 bucks plus. If it was cheaper, I'd prolly go every day though. ; )

I do make my own lattes at home with milk (skim or 1%) and instant coffee. The instant coffee is even MORE concentrated, so it's fine with the skim milk. I buy the bottle of Starbucks sf syrup to use at home.

I think I'm addicted to lattes.

thanks, Allan and Lesia, for dropping by.

cmoursler said...

I am really picky about my coffee too.
I am going to try and cut back to one cup a day. I used to drink a pot a day.
I cut back to two cups.
We'll see.
Can I just say how much I love love love your approach! this is the kind of stuff I love to see. You aren't trying to 'getitalloffrightnow'
and not learn new habits. You are remaking your life a little at a time.
This is so impressive to me. I think you will succeed and more rapidly than you think you will.
rooting for you!

Karla said...

I love love love love Starbucks, but I have all but given it up, it is a costly habit!! and add to that this is the time of year with the pumpkin spice latte's and the pumpkins scones, no way!! Starbucks is a "no fly zone" for me until the pumpkin craze is over