Friday, September 17, 2010

Quote of the Day: Sugar, not Fat!

For the past couple years, I have started to move more and more into the position espoused by today's quote from Dr. Mercola, though I won't say I espouse his entire nutritional philosophy:

The truth is, many of the health problems attributed to fat and cholesterol are in fact caused by SUGAR, not fat!

I think it was just hearing about sugars and inflammation, sugars and cancer, sugars and diabetes, sugars and upping cholesterol, sugars triggering binges, etc. It was just coming to me as: Okay, this stuff is like poison in many ways. It has to be reduced (or for some ELIMINATED) from one's daily meals. Multitude of health issues may be impacted (some seriously) by ingesting sugar (sucrose, fructose, high fructose corn syrup, and etc ad infinitum).

I do think it still comes down to calories for weight loss--burn more than what you eat or stay the same or gain. Period. Gastric bypass' popularity has proved that even those who said they couldn't lose weight by eating less were lying. The surgery made them eat less: they lost. (Unless someone can show me a gastric bypass patient whose surgery was done properly but right off the bat either didnt' lose or gained.) Eat less than you burn, you lose weight. Eat more than you burn: gain weight. (And yes, some people naturally burn more--freaking lucky devils--and some naturally burn less --we the cursed ones-- for all manner of reasons, such as some naturally fidget, some naturally have an urge to NOT sit still, some have great thyroids, some have whack pituitaries, some have endocrine disorder.) It still applies: Even if you're a metabolically blessed person who can eat five turkeys and two pigs and a palmful of chocolate a day and burn it off, if you eat the SIXTH turkey and the second palmful and don't burn it, you'll gain.

But I think that simple, processed carbs may actually be the diet devil. Time and more research will tell.

Until then, finding a way to eat fewer calories that your body needs daily with maximal satisfaction (however one defines satisfaction, be it bulk that fills the tummy or small portions of most-desired foods, or high fiber, or high liquid, or meat or no meat) is the only surefire way to go down, down, down on the scale. Less in than out. But also BETTER IN...

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