Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aaaargh, and what would a pirate on a diet say on TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY?

It may be Talk Like a Pirate Day everywhere else, but in my house,  it's TALK LIKE A FATFIGHTING PIRATE DAY!

And tell me, ye fellow fatfighters, just how would a seafaring outlaw talk off the pounds?

1. "Be that lite rum, me pretty?"
2. "Keep that devilish loaf of yeasty-beasties out of my beard! Ah, but hoist that roast chicken over to my petard!"
3. "I'm goin' over the side for my daily laps with Ol' Davy J."
4. "I gather this here giant squid carcass is low-carb..."
5. "Do I look too stout in this leather waistcoat?"
6. "What eyepatch? Oh, no. That's my emergency stash o' jerky."
7. "Even my parrot feasts upon low carb bran crackers."
8. "This ain't no feather in my cap, matey. It's a quill with which I jot my calories upon my daily scroll."
9 "Let the whole crew join to track the booty we consume!"
10. "I'm not happy to meet ya, wench. That's an organic zucchini in me breeches I'm warmin' for my supper."

What's your dieting pirate saying right now?

(Hey, Allan, post #2. Heh.)

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