Saturday, September 25, 2010

Looking for what works...not just what doesn't....

708 days and 8 hours to go...

I was reading my Kindle at the beauty salon (while getting grays covered prior to a much-needed trim), under the hard hat dryer, totally engrossed in that book I mentioned last post -- Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. --and it talked about how it's important to look at a situation and find where something WORKED, as opposed to where it did not (or why). Find what was done differently. So, I seemed to have done that  instinctively in looking back to the weeks where my loss was not just on target, but a bit above. The big breakfast came immediately to mind.

Nudged by the book, I looked back at other factors that were consistent in those weeks. I came up with: sleep. I was sleeping 7 to 9 hours consistently.

This past week, most notably  Monday on, I was sleeping about 5 hours, occasionally 6.

I've been battling my Vampire Cycle tendencies (up all night, sleep during day), and sometimes I do stay up too late and then have to compensate by sleeping less to make appointments and such.

Therefore, another goal for this week will be to sleep again in the 7 to 9 hour range and see how that affects appetite and rate of loss along with The Big Breakfast. :)

It's gonna be tough, as hubby is going out of town for most of the week, and well, we live in a neighborhood that's become increasingly unsafe. So much so, when I'm alone in this big old building, sound sleep eludes me. I tend to wake at the smallest noice, even when I've booby-trapped the doors.

Can't wait to move. (Another change)

So, there it is. Two things that may have compromised my appetite/diet plans/rate of loss/metabolism even.

Look back on your GREAT weeks and GOOD weeks, then look at your bad loss weeks. What were the  EXCEPTIONS, the things that you did on the great and good weeks that you didn't on the bad ones. (Other than just, you know, EAT MORE, MOVE LESS). Did  you eat particular meals or certain foods that helped? Sleep better? Drink more liquids on the good and great weeks. Did you socialize more, read more, walk more. 

Anyway, let's hope this week is a bright one...

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