Monday, September 13, 2010

Appetite on calm setting today, even after Pilates...and whoa, smaller salads at Wendy's, yay!

720 days, 7 hours, 48 minutes to go...

I didn't feel all freaky hungry today, which is always a happy thing.

I had my egg whites with cheddar sprinkles and protein lower-carb hotcakes with sugar free syrup for breakfast. had some green magma, Solgar Whey with amazing grass before my Pilates training session.

After the session, I got a sugar-free vanilla latte, grande, and headed to Wendy's to get some salad. Noticed I could get a smaller size plus a side. Got a salad for me and the side for later or tomorrow (chili). Got a salad and side for hubby, too. He can have it for a light supper or just take it to work for lunch tomorrow. Great. Makes life easier.

Considering that the larger, original size versions of these salads can top 600 cals, it's a very good idea to offer the downsized ones.

Gotta give Wendy's props for having salads that are edible (unlike some other fast food eatery salads which are wretched). I've tried 3 of the revamped four (haven't tried the one with cranberries and nuts and chicken) and they're all tasty. They don't even need dressing with all those topping. Just toss the dressing or save it for some salad you make a home. If you're doing low to lower carb, the cobb has egg/chicken/bleu cheese/bacon/tomato on greens. Who needs dressing with all that fat and protein?

I think the smaller size is great for lunch. And if you have the caloric leeway, you can pick a side to have as a snack later or use for breakfast. Example: if you get the baked potato side, you can pack it with broccoli or ground beef or chicken with some lowfat cheese to have for dinner. You can take it for lunch similarly packed (easy to nuke, right?) Or if you want it for breakfast, you can heat half in a pan with olive oil and drop an egg or two in there. Voila...breakfast skillet. And you still have half a potato to use up.

If you prefer the chili (yay, fiber with your protein!)...that's fine by itself as an afternoon "keep the blood sugar steady" nosh. Or you can just have it for supper with a side of your choice. Or you can pour it over that half a potato you saved up from before. :D

I like having leftovers. Hubby likes taking lunch to work and anything that makes it easier for me to make my fella happy in his Chococat lunch ensemble, hooray.

Weigh-in yesterday was in the right direction. (I check every other day to see how that's going.) I hope the fast food sodium isn't badly reflected on the scale tomorrow. (Water, water, and some potassium rich coconut water should help.)

Lots of interesting stuff in the "diet news"....and maybe I'll address that tomorrow.

Happy Monday...and may this week be healthful for you. Please encourage a dieter today. It's a touch undertaking no matter how you cut it....



Katie J said...

I like the one with chicken and cranberries. I have not tried the other ones :)

The Better Idiot said...

Aaaah chococat! I love cinnamoroll myself, and I have a collection of hellow kitty keitai (cell phone) straps from loads of different prefectures around Japan. It's a cute bento box though!

Princess Dieter said...

I love BLACK Chococat. Tootsie LOVES BROWN Chococat. And he's a 50 year old Senior Testing Architect/Software Engineer, eating his lunch...with a kid's bento ensemble.

I love his boyish charm. HAHAHAA.

I have a Zojirushi bento set, several of the cheaper smaller ones, and a three-tiered one. I love bento sets, but I can't fix a beautiful bento lunch to save my life. I may make that a future project.

Lanie Painie said...

Happy Monday to you as well. Good job on the scale!

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

It's almost Tuesday, but I hope you had a great Monday :) I've never tried a salad from Wendy's - maybe one day...Congrats on your recent loss!