Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Good Day, a Happy Scale, New Waist Measure, and Seeking More of this Calm...

703 days and 10 hours to go...

I feel so good this morning. I ate great yesterday. Kept it UNDER 1000 calories for the first time, prolly haven't eaten this little since the day after they took out my appendix in 2002.

I don't do restriction well.

It was unintentional. I had INTENDED to eat up to at least 1500. That was the plan: a low eating day for me. I normally allow up to 1800, and tend to swerve up to 2000 when lazy, but still watching what I eat.

But I had done so much grappling, praying, calming work, that I went positively Zen, methinks. I was just in the nice zone of sweet tranquility.

And the tranquility moved right into my eating.

Hubby will return in the wee hours of Friday (so happy, so happy), so I will aim for a calm eating day today, so he and I can have a lunch or dinner out tomorrow (still restrained, of course) without the agitation of having bad days behind me.

The bigger breakfast strategy has helped, too. It helps me contain lunch.

As a result of that good, but unusually low calorie day for me, the scale is again smiling at me. Yesterday and today's peeks prophesy a good Friday weigh-in (ie back on track).

And not just the scale is cheery. My tape measure got taken out and used today. Waist and Hips.

I had pretty much given up on the tape measure, since my hips and waist have been resistant, especially waist, for the last couple years. I've lost in the boobs (my emptying bra cups are proof). I've lost in the upper arms and thighs. I've lost a bit in the hips. But the waist was stubbornly refusing to budge from 44.5 . For the last couple years, it just wouldn't change. Yes, I take steroids. Yes, I have insulin resistance. Yes, I'm naturally apple-ish. Yes, my adrenals have been happier.

But dang, how could I lose 35 pounds since I started blogging and my waist moves only 3.5 inches????

Well, after I woke up, I looked in the mirror and dang if my middle didn't look a scosh smaller. My imagination?

Nope. The tape lieth not. My hips took another dip. But MOST IMPORTANTLY, my resistant waist has nipped in, too. It's at 43.75 inches. Hips are at 53.5.

Finally. I guess lower carb IS beneficial for budging the resistant abdominal fat.

Now, whether the measure I use is accurate, dunno. It's a MyoTape measure, not the regular just old measuring tape. But it's the one I've used for several years, so at least I know that it went DOWN, even if the tape is not perfect. :)

Getting my waist under the 35 inches Doc Oz recommends is one of those goals on my plate. So, progress. Measurable progress. The INTJ in me likes that.

Okay, so I'm off to make something to eat. Gonna ask my emotions what they want, gonna use my mind to limit my emotions, gonna use my spirit to be thankful and attuned to the greater Power.

Well, okay, I just want to stay nice and calm. I like feeling the peace, baby!

Happy and Healthy--and Tranquil-- Thursday to y'all!

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