Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Terrific Quote From a Smart Blogger, organic share pick-up day--and a coop recommendation for South Florida peops--plus assorted pics from Saturday's "Dali Miami" outing (and a flashback to the Goya outing in 2007 for comparison), and sort of not "there" yet where I need to be on "get recommitted" week...but I will get there...

I've been sluggish and dozey. I think I need to go through this quieter time, which means fewer blog comments from me, sorry. I need this introspection right now. Untangling knots, as it were (you'll see when you read the quote).

I like energetic and UP better. But quieter, pondering, prayerful is needful some weeks.

I have to shower and get dressed to get my organic goodies, and I'm sitting here unshowered and sort of dragging my feet about cleaning up. How pathetic, right? Well, I know that I'll feel better when everything is clean and sweet-smelling. :D I have to remember that draggy and sweaty is not normal, and clean and bright is better. Some days, the grooming is as hard a chore as a workout.

I only did a quickie grocery shopping thing this past Saturday, so protein sources are scarce. I need to hit Whole Foods, or at minimum Publix (not as good in the meat/poultry, sigh). Hubby eats 4 protein heavy meals a day and 2 to 3 lighter more carb/fat type snacks a day, so I gotta go shop for his goodies. I am fine with eggs, cheese, whey protein (on lazy days). He's not.

This is what my share includes today:
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries#
  • Mangos
  • Gala Apples
  • Bananas
  • Local FL Cauliflower
  • Local FL Broccoli
  • Local FL Curly Kale
  • Local FL Celery#
  • Local FL Green Cabbage
  • Russet Potatoes
  • Roma Tomatoes
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Watermelon Radish
  • Fresh English Peas!
Plus I add a share of extra fruit:
  • $10 Fruit:
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Valencia Oranges
Last week, the strawberries and blueberries were wowarrific! I mean, crazy good. I hope it's a repeat. Hubby loves strawberries chopped on top of sugar free ice cream for his nite treat. I'm not a big ice cream person. I usually use yogurt or eat the fruit for dessert after supper.

Annie does a great job. And she's a really involved and caring person when it comes to responsible food supplies and eating whole and ecological stuff. So, if you're local in South Florida, consider Annie's Buying Club.  I've bought organic goodies from Annie since 2007 (back when she had a delivery service, which was great when I was sick a lot and couldn't always go to the grocery store.)  If you coordinate the weekly shares, you get your share as payment for your time/trouble.

Next subject: the artistic outing
On the way car...

Interior of Moore Building
I wasn't up to my usual vim last Saturday, but we headed to the Dali Miami exhibit anyway. I'd say it was good, not great. A few pieces really appealed to me. It needed some big, notable paintings to anchor it. The lighting was a fail in some spots (like DARK, could not make out details). But the venue was cool. A historic (for Miami, which is a "young" city) '20s edifice, the Moore Building, in the design district.

Mir in walled courtyard dining at Mandolin

Middle sis and hubby at Mandolin
It turned out to be a lovely afternoon, and me, my middle sis, and hubby enjoyed the outing. I wore my green Onitsuka Tigers for comfort and we parked a couple blocks from the building.

After 2 hours of art-seeing, we walked about 3 blocks to Mandolin restaurant, where I pretty much went a little wild with the veggies and yogurt. (Except for a piece of hubby's chicken kabob, I had a vegetarian meal, cause Greek/Turkish, they know how to make veggies numsy.) Sis and I split a village salad (a bit of feta, but mostly these really ripe amazing tomatoes). Then we split this veggie stew with yogurt on top thingie whose name I forgot. A Turkish item. And I had as my entree a stuffed zucchini (stuffed with a mixture of veggies, feta, and ground almonds with tomato sauce). And Turkish coffee sans sugar and iced tea to drink. I ate too much. Even vegetarian fare can add up, calorically. Um, yeah.

Then the 4 blocks or so back to the car. I'm glad we didn't valet it--the brief walk was nice, as it was breezy.

I looked kinda crappy in the lighting within the Moore Building--look at the "in the car on the way" photo and Mandolin photos versus the exhibit ones--but here are a few with a bit of the exhibit:

Surrealistic and windblown-frizzy!

Yeah, the sculpture's reaction to my unflattering top--what
was I thinking!-- is pretty much mine seeing the photo.
Top goes to Goodwill.
The bosom is not flattered.

Comparison time: the Goya exhibit in Oct of 2007, a mere 5 months after I started blogging to find a way to lose weight~~

Differences: Glasses (I had Lasik)
3x top, versus L/XL now
Blown out hair, versus natural curls now

Way bigger than middle sis back then.

Five years younger, nearly 100 pounds fatter...
My Prince back then, a bit shaggier and heavier,
but still handsomest guy on EARTH!!!!

Hubby and I both agreed that the third floor would make a great venue for a stylish 30th anniversary party, should we hit the Lotto or something. ; ) But we'll look like crap in the photos! hahah (We "mature" gals need good lighting!)

Next subject: Exercise

Monday I did my Pilates session and walked 35 mins. Yesterday, I only walked 15 mins. I may resort to a DVD tonight, after all the errands are done. I didn't wake up until 2pm, so things are piling up.

The recommitment is still on shaky ground. BUT...I have not quit and every day, I do focus on goals and work on it, just don't have that fire burning yet.

Last matter, and please read to the end:

I will share this terrific quote from a blogger I only discovered in the last couple months, but who has fast become one of my top faves. She's eloquent. Smart. And has been down this same road we have in the fatfighting journey. She just puts the struggle into words better than most, her nimble brain able to capture stuff and verbalize it. I leave you with her words and my total desire for all of us to work on this and be well, be very, very well:

It has taken me many decades of my life to get to where I am now and I continue to pick at and untangle knots in the web I was trapped in. I still feel stuck to it in spots and occasionally feel sucked back in and trapped, but most of me is free most of the time. The one thing that I implore anyone who is trying to lose weight to do is to stop oversimplifying and talking in Yoda-isms ("there is no try, do"). There's a reason most people regain weight after they lose it and I absolutely believe it is this oversimplification and denial of the complex psychological issues that go into changing ones relationship with food. You can't do it forever with the mental tools of brute force, abuse, pat and trite mantras, a stick-to-it attitude, etc. Eventually, for most people, the psychology that got them fat in the first place will re-assert itself and they will regain.

Make it as complicated as it is and take the time to understand that it's just not so simple for most people. You didn't get messed up in a day, week, or even a year. You got messed up over a lifetime. It isn't a short-term problem and it can't be fixed with a short-term solution (and I count dieting culture as a part of "short-term"). 


Nanette said...

I really enjoyed that quote. I feel a blog coming on!

Your organic treasure basket sounds great! We have bountiful baskets here... But right now it's a whole lot of winter veg. I can't wait for the peaches to come in!

Betty WSch. said...

I wish we had those organic co.op´s over here. Those veggies and fruits sound so good.
Loved that quote. Will go read more at that blog.
Keep your head up!

Caron said...

The quote is fantastic and true. Your co-op sounds great. The best I can do is a small market that specializes in all things healthy and especially fruits and vegetables. It's similar to Whole Foods but much more reasonable in prices. :)

screaming fatgirl said...

You're always so kind and complimentary when you mention me and I want to thank you for that. It makes me feel like what I say and do matters and keeps me going on the blogging!

I can see your mental progress, and I have every confidence that you will get to where you want to be (honestly, you look great and seem to doing great now, especially in light of your long-term health problems which are fighting you all the way). My very best to you, as always.

Julie said...

Want to ship some of that goodness up here? It sounded awesome. We still have that tastelss veggies and fruit but since I put up so much I don't have to buy it often except for salad makings.
Love the quote, she is one smart cookie.
Keep plugging along Mir, it'll all come back and you'll be stronger for it.
Take care and have a blessed week.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm sorry you are battling the demon. I know what you mean. Sometimes getting dressed and showered just takes more effort than I can manage. I'm glad you were able to overcome it and have a good day anyway. The fruit sounds wonderful. I need to pick up some fresh fruit when we shop tonight. That could take the place of my sweet cravings for junk food.

The Paris Chronicles said...

SFG is, in my opinion, the sanest, most common-sense and eloquent blogger in the fatosphere. I get something out of each and every post she constructs. What more can you ask from a writer? Her blog is clean and untainted by sponsorship, ego or a hunger for page hits, and as such, gets my respect.

Hers is a light of truth and sanity in the kilometers of nonsensical weight-centric blogs. More and more readers are discovering her. I hope they will take the time to do close readings of her posts, because there's a lot of support in her words (even if that isn't her main intent).

Chinagirl said...

You look like a complete different person in those picture from now. I think, I would not recognize you, if I would have seen you 5 years ago. You are amazing.
And you are right: dieting is just a short term solution. That's just how I feel!