Monday, March 19, 2012

1998 pic of hubby and me...compared to Hatsume 2011...and then compared to Hatsume 2012...with some "Princess Dances" pics...

I had hubby scan some old photos I found. I hardly took pics back then (camera avoider even in my younger and skinnier days), but these weren't even at my biggest. I got 50 pounds BIGGER than in these:

Us in 1998, both fat, me very fat, like 250 or so
around 1999
Christmas Eve 1998 in a long kimono to
cover my 250 lbs or so of bulk...

March 2011, the spring festival at Morikami Gardens ("Hatsume"), hubby and I. I'm 220 lbs here:

Hubby and I in 2012 at Hatsume. I'm 182 lbs:

Me and 2 super nice cosplayers:
L: a character from Zone 00 manga
R: Byakuran (a villain) from HITMAN REBORN --
looks good, right?

Kicking up my heels to DJ HeavyGrinder--she's the cute gal in the background:

House/Electronica/Tech/Trance Music be da bombdiggiest!
The fat old dame loves to dance! I was
really sweaty in the full sun for 30 mins,
so I moved to the shade,  but even there,
after an hour, my shirt was kinda soaked!

I got so into it I grabbed the hand of a young cosplayer next to me and just did some salsa moves with her. Tried to get the folks to get up and dance, but really, not a very dancey crowd there. Too bad. DJs ought not go to waste. One fair-goer said to me afterwards, "Wow, you danced a lot."  I said, "Yeah, you should have joined in with your gal." He said she tried to get him to get up and dance, cause she didn't wanna dance alone.

Shoot. I'll dance all by my lonesome as long as the music is good. :D

So, like the song says, "I hope you dance."

Okay, my vlog finally got sent via iPhone (like the 7th try!!!!) and I hope Youtube processes it soon so I can do a retro update for the previous post.

Nite, y'all!


Betty WSch. said...

You are looking so good Princess! I wish I could dance, it looks like a lot of fun.

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Wow- what a difference! You are both look fabulous, healthy and happy! :)

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

You look so different! And happier too. More "alive".

Congratulations. You've come so far!

Nanette said...

I LOVE the dance pics! And the cosplayers. I'm glad you're getting out there and shaking it... along with appreciating how far you've come. You look so much happier as the weight has gone down. Literal, weight off your shoulders. :)

Chinagirl said...

You just look so much younger with less pounds. And healthier. You now look like you like to move and ARE ACTUALLY able to move! Yeah! Isn´t it nice to be at where you are now? You are so beautiful. I also like your hair, how you have it now.

johntjohnston said...

It seems you're both having fun there. I never been into that place in my whole life. I think its time for me to tour around there and enjoy. Thanks! Turbulence Training