Monday, March 26, 2012

Ready for Summer Challenge: Initial Post with Goals For the Next 10 Weeks!

I want to continue to be accountable, but I do NOT want to lead another challenge right now, not after leading/co-leading three in a row. I want someone else to do linkies and such. :D

So, I hope I'm making this in time (3/26 was the cut-off) for Maren's challenge. Maren is a cool lady in Norway, and you should definitely check out here blog for great photos of her beautiful locale, where she hikes and gets fit and burns calories in a great setting.

Here's the initial post stuff, in the four areas where Maren has asked us to set goals:

Starting Weight: 182.4

Weight loss:  To lose 5 lbs and get to 177.4
That's 1/2 pound a week in this 10-week challenge.

It sounds like not much, but my body is in a very stubborn place and my mind needs to just get back in the game now, not overly-push. So, this five pound loss would get me to my LOWEST weight in this journey again: 177.4, from which I hope to gain new ground again.

NSV: I bought a new designer top (Anne Klein) that doesn't quite fit right, and a Ralph Lauren floral dress that's snug in the upper torso...but with a five pound loss with continued exercise, I should fit into the former and maybe the latter. I don't want to tear these clothes wearing them tooo snug. This is enough incentive for the short term. I also have my current challenge dress that I'd like to fit BETTER in--a black Nine West 14 regular sheath. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Exercise: I'm in a rather fragile point with my knees, but I'd like to set the same goals as for E2E. 2 strengthening sessions a week.4 Cardio sessions per week. If I can do more, fine, but that will be the minimum.

Nutrition: This will be the tricky one, as I'm in a "hungry phase" that many long-term dieters hit. The mojo is lower than I'd like, and the appetite is higher. So, my goal is to not exceed 1500 calories daily, or 10,500 total weekly. I also intend to drink 10 glasses of fluid minimum, daily.

 This may not lead to a 1/2 pound loss, but with concerted effort in exercise, it should. Weekly. If I'm consistent with calories and exercise, that 1/2 pound should come off a week. I'm hopeful. :D

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Mina said...

Your goals are very reasonable and healthy! I have a feeling you're going to rock this challenge. I know you're trying to get your mojo back, and it will happen. A few more months until summer, you're going to feel amazing for it at 177.4!