Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still metabolically snailing it...says the thermometer...and dancing with laughter with the B52s and hubby...Plus the BEST walking/dancing bra EVER for the busty gals who wanna LOOK nice......and feeling very grateful...

When I was feeling purely crappy before, I took my oral morning temps to see what was going on. I believe I posted on it. I was measuring 97.0 to 97.3, with one rare  jump to 97.5

I am measuring now between 97.3 and 97.5. So, um, well, some improvement, but not great. Once I move around, have breakfast etc, I jump to 97.8.

That's still pretty "chilly".

I was hoping after a month now on my higher T4 dosage (cause my doc is really stubborn and won't give me more T3, which tells me I need to look for a new doc, frankly), I expected better. I've added micronutrients beneficial for the thyroid--zinc, copper, selenium, iodine--to my diet. Make a point to have kelp or seaweed now and then. Upped my carbs some (cause this helps with T4 to T3 conversion). I suspect I really need MORE T3 and less T4 to feel optimal.

Why are endos so fricken close-minded about this? I had to walk into the exam room with print-outs of studies to convince my previous doc in 2010 to add Cytomel to my regimen. And she was still reluctant.

I know I'm improving in other ways. I am able to walk without feeling like I weigh 300 pounds again. I can dance without feeling like I'm gonna fall down. I sometimes feel warm (which was not happening in the previous two months, when I had bad chills, and was sleeping with higher number on the a/c and extra blankets). Hair is not falling out as quickly. Joints don't feel like I have a massive acute attack of arthritis. Face doesn't feel like a blank mask. Eyes don't feel heavy and saggy (except for the normal aging sagginess). Not needing to sleep 14 hours...Down to 10. :D

But I really, really, firmly believe what I need is more T3, and dang, I'm gonna have pray that God budges my endo on this.

In the meantime, I've been researching for endos who are more Armour and T3 friendly (ie, not stuck in the T4 only box). It's not easy. Some sound like quacks. Others are too far to drive in Florida. Locally, I just gotta search some more.

I was really happy when that slightly reluctant endo in June of 2010 --not my original one, but another in her practice, as that's seen to me since 1998, after a chillingly bad experience with another endo!--let me try Cytomel. A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! No lie. It's what allowed me to see better mood and perhaps was key in allowing me to have enough energy and positivity (ie, lifting of depression) to begin a serious diet.

Mood cannot be discounted in overeating. Y'all know that?

Since it did me a crazy butt world of good, I don't see why they are so reluctant to change the ratio.  Lots of ladies out there are feeling better on more T3. Maybe I'd be one of them, dunno, but maybe.

Anyhow, making progress (from the physical and temp markers), but still in slower metabolic land. But hey, I used to have temp readings in the 96. The doc once had me at 95 point something (forget the decimal) in her office, which was the tip-off to check my thyroid. (At that point, the whole, dry as desert skin, chills even in summer, gaining weight steadily and alarmingly, suicidal ideations, and sleeping 20 hours a day should have been a bigger tip-off, don't ya think?)

This is one of my "deal with it for life" issues, and dang, how I wish I was normal. Must be nice. ; ) But I believe in counting blessings. So, I will:

I am grateful for improvements. Thank God for good medicine and supplements and good food and exercise and rest and love and hope. :D It all works together. I was just feeling amazing happy and grateful over my breakfast of Canadian bacon, eggs, and Concorde pear yumminess--hubby found some for me, hooray, hooray!!--just grateful for having food in abundance, and grateful I don't abuse it anymore. Just overflowing in my heart with thanks.

Which is good. It's really good to remember that abundance of food can be a blight of temptation, but it's a huge blessing in a "mostly hungry" world. Remember that. For the sake of those who have not and dream of having, choose well.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. Full of gratitude. Full of good choices.

We had some nice cooler weather in the last couple days--refreshing!--and I have been feeling pretty giddy-happy again. Smiley me is in full force! Well...

Except for the wee crying jag when I looked at a pic of my mom and just missed her and dad so much I lost it. Just a few minutes, then gratitude for having been loved so much by my parents. Poor, hardworking folks who did it all for family. God, it hurts to lose loved ones! But I'm smiling, too, cause my mom is still one of my heroes. :D

Watched the B52s on PBS last night and danced the whole time we watched.  Giddy-happy (like I said.) I saw them live in a long gone, once-hip, local venue in 1979 and they were AMAZINGLY FUN. And they may be old, but they're STILL FUN. I love me some Kate and Cindy and Fred and Keith! (I went and preordered the DVD.) Such nostalgia.

Hubby got one of his guitars and jammed along while I danced like a crazy middle-aged gal who once loved dancing the night away in better-joint-health days. I can't shimmy like I used to. I can't go "down, down" to the ground in ROCK LOBSTER with my crap knees. But I can move the way I can move, and I do! With energy, hard breathing,  sweat and blood pumping wildly as my reward. (I ended up dancing in my bra--my wonderful underwire Wacoal sports bra that I love for walking and is worth EVERY EXPENSIVE BIT OF PRICE cause it keeps me in place without crushing the tatas into mush--cause I got so overheated!) 

Here's my darling man last night, before he stood up to play the last couple songs:

(holding spot for when I stop being lazy and upload the pic from iPhone)

So, go dance and believe in healing and a better weight for yourself. As long as you breathe, have hope and go for it!

Be well...


Betty WSch. said...

I can´t imagine the research you have done on what kind of medicines are better for you and your thyroid problem. But I admire you for it. Some people just believe anything and don´t listen to their body´s or how they respond to med´s. I´m hoping your doc will see how much you already know and that you know best what you need.
Have a blessed week Mir!

Jo said...

I hope your doc will listen to you. Because you listen to your body. And that's what I'm always preaching. We are all different, so what works for me might not work for you. It's so refreshing to find someone who has researched her own health. There's nothing wrong with asking your doc to let you "try" what you think will work, and I hope you persuade this one, or find one who will work with you. I'm so glad you're feeling better, if not quite there yet. You're on the right track!

Suzan said...

Yeah, used to get down with the B-52's at NY clubs way back when. :-D

Karen said...

Keep looking for a doc that will get you the cytomel. I don't take it myself, but my friends who do swear by it- that it's the only way they feel better.

Good luck. I know my friends had to travel as far as 1 state away to see a specialist.

Is there a research hospital or clinical trial that you could link up with? Might be worth a try.

Hang in there. It's never easy but you have a great attitude. :). Karen P

Bunpoh said...

"Mood cannot be discounted in overeating." Abso-freaking-lutely! And yeah, it could TOTALLY be untreated thyroid or other health issues.

I really love you. I love that you get down with the B-52s. I love that you are such an amazing advocate for your own health. So glad to hear you are feeling well.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Mir, I hope you can find a doc who will work with you. I know how frustrating it can be to work with ones who don't listen to what you have to say. I used to have to deal with many specialists when my son was younger and they never could be bothered to hear what I thought about his issues. Some doctors are so self-centered that they just can't leave their little ivory towers to consort with the peons. They don't want their diagnosis or treatments questioned. It is maddening. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck as you look for a new endocrinologist.

Chinagirl said...

Hope, you find the right doc that can help you to find the right treatment for your body. It has to be very difficult and I admire you for being such a strong women with lots of will power! A good example to us all here!

Anne H said...

Snailing it?
Sounds like you are NAILING it!

Jordan said...

I remember how frustrating it is to try and communicate with a doctor when they aren't really listening to you. Ya kinda want to say, "can you put down your guidelines for a second and look at me like a PERSON, not a population?" So glad to see that you seem to be happier these days!!
PS - I can't watch your vlogs from work, and have been having problems from home. I'll get there!

Rettakat said...

I remember way back being on Synthroid, and still feeling awful. I had to do my own research, and insist switching to Armour thyroid (I now take NatureThroid, which is similar). Doctors don't want to be bothered, because the natural thyroid is touchy and tricky to find the right dose. Takes more work and paying attention! It took me over 10 months to settle into the right dose, and I finally felt so much better.

Six months ago, after 2 1/2 yrs on low carb, my doctor said my thyroid must be doing better, and insisted we needed to lower my large dose, per the latest blood work results!

So yes, hang in there and be your own best advocate!

Julie said...

Push your doctor Mir. You know what's what with you body. Keep doing what you're doing. It's hard but you're getting there.
Take care and have a blessed week!