Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Betty W, your number came up on the random generator. So, let me know via email which of the listed giveaway ebooks you want (as long as Amazon still has it available)--whether it's TRANSFORMATION ROAD or one of the others. I think I only need your email to send it, so it should happen pretty fast.

THANKS to those who entered. Keep reading and learning!


Betty WSch. said...

Woooohooo!!! Finally I win something. I´m so happy. Going to check out the books right now. I´ll let you know shortly which one. K?
Thank you so much!!

Betty WSch. said...

Ok, I´m back. Transformation road is the one. I´ve never read it and it sounds fascinating. I love true life stories. Especially from people who are addicted to food, like me.

Thank you again Mir! I really really appreciate it!

Rettakat said...

I've read Seans book, Betty, and it was wonderful! I'm sure you will love it. :-)