Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fight The Fat Remotivation Project, Day 8: Activity #6 Affirmation Time Again!

Tanita-San: 180.8

Yesterday, I ended a bit over 1500 calories, but close enough that I was happy.

Today, first thing I did when I woke up was say positive things and engage a positive outlook for the day. 

"I am a self-controlled woman. I am strong. I can overcome my obstacles. I will kick-butt in Pilates today. I will encourage others. I will allow only good and hopeful thoughts to linger in my mind. God is with me. I can do this. I am more powerful than food."

It's still not on automatic, the lower calorie mojo. When I prepare food, I still want MORE, but it's way easier than it's been in the previous weeks.

Affirmations. That's the FtFRP activity focus for today. No negative self-talk. Only hopeful and positive and strong thoughts. Happy warrior thoughts and words.

Do something today to help you get over your hard patch. Focus on it. 

On we go. Be well...


Nanette said...

I'm loving these challenges you're giving yourself for FtFRP.

PlumPetals said...

This is definitely something that I needed to read this morning -- positive thoughts; keep moving forward.

Jordan said...

Great progress this week! Your body is responding to the discipline you're giving it. It's worth the work!!