Friday, March 23, 2012

Making a Strategy for The Weekend Temptations in a Week of Cravings...until my Uber Food Poise Mojo Returns...

Tanita-San: 182.2 , so a bit of bloat down, but I know no real loss.

Okay, two things coming up this weekend.

1. We're planning to hit Fort Lauderdale for an art exhibit, and that means eating out at least ONE meal. I will be doing a lot of googling to find a sound eatery within walking distance of the museum or one within short driving distance that offers a venue for a walk (like, well,  Riverwalk or the broadwalk). The reason: post-meal, or pre-meal, we can get some movement in. I also need to check online menus and PICK my food before I go. I plan to go armed with a list in my purse: acceptable venues, acceptable items on the menu.

This has to be my strategy, cause my willpower is in a less than ideal place.

2. Sister (eldest) is having her birthday gathering Sunday. I know some of the stuff my sisses are making (gluten free meatballs/pasta like they did for my birthday, pigeon peas and rice with pork). It's up to me to make something/bring something that is more diet friendly. I can take a fruit salad or platter, a veggie salad or platter, or both. Middle sis suggested a Spanish omelette, but I may save that for Easter. There will be enough protein, sounds like, and starch. I do best in these tempting family events when I go armed with my own goodies and think ahead about what to have and not have.

Last year, these things were a cinch, pretty much. This year, right now, I'm in a less warrior head-place, and I gotta have some dang good planning.

When I was deep into my diet mojo near the beginning of my journey, I often simply refused to eat out or do stuff that had temptations. But family events, I always had to plan and work around, and mostly (except for last holiday season, when I didn't stick to the lower rung of the caloric levels) did really well. I want to have that sort of food poise again. Where food was not a draw, where activity and conversation and people were what I focused on. Gotta do that again. Let food be background noise. Eat, enjoy it, but not let it be a factor that has any control over me.

It's a good place to be. Food Poise. This girl needs it! It makes life so much easier to just walk gracefully by that buffet or banquet or burger stand.

I haven't lost it all, but it's bobbling some with the cravings. I plan to get it back. Where food is...not even a mosquito buzz. Just something there I can ignore until it's needed. :D  Not wanted. NEEDED.

But life's pleasure also includes eating out, so I have to make compromises. Going out to do stuff with hubby away from home means eating out, even with snacks in my purse as a standby. I don't plan to be a hermit ordering crap food to binge on. I plan to do fun stuff and do what I did half of 2010 and almost nearly all of 2011: Eat out with composure and sound choices and with JOY.

Okay, so I have planning to do. Happy Friday.

God bless. Be well...


Jane Cartelli said...

When I have tasted the forbidden fruits and my taste buds and squirrels are in craving mode I have to take a few days of high protein, low fat, no grains. After a day I am less shaky. After two days I am feeling good and after three I am feeling strong. During those days I cannot eat out with joy. I have to commit to 72 hours of completely planned food made at home. I prefer to eat at home during that time but I do not put it off just because I am working or traveling or have plans to be with others, I can always find plain protein and a veggie at almost any restaurant. I supplement with my fruit and veggies from home when needed but I think with it those three days no matter, It has saved me from many returns to a life of bingeing and pain.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your sisters.

Betty WSch. said...

I guess if you have a choice of restaurants it's good to prepare. but over here we have so few to choose from and then they are pretty much all the same foods, so for me, I have to learn to say no to the wrong foods or just eat less of them.
HOpe you have a fabulous weekend!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I hope you enjoy your outing and that your find a suitable restaurant so that you can stick to plan. I know what you mean about food poise. I am having the same issues, only multiplied by 10. I hope that I am slowly regaining my poise. I am not even tempting myself by going out for meals. We are eating at home and that should be easier. Dail and I had a last little hurrah last night but today is the day that I give it one last shot. Have a great time and I look forward to hearing about it later.