Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weather/Walking; Male attention, both kinda interesting and sorta creepy; Blood glucose--first experimental testing; motivation to get in the 170s; dress for the challenge (provisional, as I still want red); and the bloat continues, thank you Greek omelette!...and, whoa, Katie J, I get "Your Computer May Be Harmed" when I try to See Your Blog Today.... today is last day I take requests for the CDC Challenge!

Okay, a few things, so I'll be all over the map. Kinda normal for me, anyway.

I'm hating the hurricane season weather messing with my walks. Being unusually sedentary this week (barring Tuesday's Pilates, and the scheduled session tomorrow) is making me a bit...droopy? I feel the difference in my body. I'm just not feeling as over-the-top energized. I felt great Tuesday after Pilates, and kept my workout clothes on to walk when the sun went lower, but the weather didn't let me. Sucks. I miss my walks. I wish hubby made it home in time to join me, cause I don't like the unusual uptick in male attention. It's kinda complimentary. It's also a little creepy. I mean, Starbucks, Publix, corner store, etc, I'm just having all sorts of guys, old and young, hot and not-so-hot start up conversations and look a little too interested.

I'm old and fat. What is it? My sweat give off sex pheromones or something lately?

Anyway, hubby keeps complimenting me and was expecially complimentary when I wore SHORT SHORTS (oh, yes, I did) to the family gathering for the holiday. I kiddie pooled it with the kids, and then we went to get some produce, me still in my Hard Rock cafe tee and super-short shorts. I was, like, um, honey, aren't these too short for the public? No, you're just too hot.

Well ,it's nice to be married to a guy still besotted with his droopy-skinned, saggy-cheeked wife. :) Love is nice.  Guy at the deli asked hubby how we met, how long together, and it was obvious we got along lovingly. :D Well, me grabbing him and hugging him and nuzzling his neck while waiting for our low sodium ham might have been a clue.

Blood glucose: Since my A1c improved, my prediabetes resolved, and I finally got into the 80s blood sugar wise, as of June, I got a monitor recently to test at home how some meals affect me. Used it for the first time today, my Bayer Contour. I also got an Accu-check to use later on and compare to see if there was consistency.

First off: hate pricking my finger. Had to say that I commisserate with diabetic folks who have to do this A LOT. It's not that bad, but I only did it three times. (First time, the strip didn't take, the next two were fine.)

I had coffee with sucralose and no food right after I got up. Was supposed to get dressed to take sis out to birthday lunch. She's sick. So, I was home and up and figured, hey, why not? I don't know if coffee/sucralose would have any effect, but decided to do it.

Pre-meal glucose: 81

I ate a meal that was carby for me, my usual eggs/veggie/fruit, but ate a fruit and nut bar with an additional 20 carbs and also increased my fat intake due to the macadamias. My total carb count for breakfast was 52. That's more than I like, but I am testing my reaction.

I waited an hour.

Post-meal glucose: 88

Now, I know Dr. Davis says we can't know our glucose curve for particular meals unless we test eery 15 minutes over at least 2 hours, maybe even 3. But to hell with that many finger-pricks!

Still, for a gal who was prediabetic, heading for Type II, and whose glucose got as high as 123 (at highest weight) and was staying in the high nineties for most of the time in recent years, that made me happy. A carby meal and I didn't go one-hour postprandial nuts.

The glucose experiment will continue. Not sure what kind of meal I want to test next, but I do want to do TYPICAL meals...stuff I normally eat at home, to see how I respond.

On the motivation front, a couple things:

1. My Vera Bradley "Versailles" tote and saddle bag arrived today.

I'd LOVE to use them right now, but these were to be my reward to breaking down the 180s barrier. I had gotten to 181...I am now 183.6. No, I did not binge. No, I'm not scarfing down wickednesses. I am undersleeping and eating a lot of salty stuff and I'm paying the price. Good thing the challenge starts Sunday, as that will make me wean off too much cheesy and olivey yumminess in salads and eggs and motivate me to get to bed EARLIER. I always mess up my losing mojo when I cut back on sleep. If I have to do stuff with family, I always have to get up way before my normal arising time. This week has had 3 days of undersleeping, and only 1 day of nice, full sleep. I cannot let this continue. Not health-promoting, not weight-loss promoting.

2. My dress for the challenge has been ordered.
I didn't find a red one yet, but I wanted something tangible here for motivation, so I ordered a black lace number that caught my eye. It had what I wanted: form-fitting, but not immodest; some sleeves, cause my hangy/crinkly upper arm skin is not festive; knee length or thereabouts; cut so I could wear a supportive bra or shapewear.

This one seemed good, a Marina black lace beaded number~~~

So, the bags are for when I cross 180 (and not just one day, but stay there for a spell to show a real loss). And the dress is in a smaller size (or two smaller sizes, as this designer, I hear, runs small) for the CHRISTMAS DRESS COUNTDOWN CHALLENGE, which kicks off Sunday. None too soon for this bloaty, sleep-deprived girl.

NOTE: If you were considering that challenge, today is the last day I take requests for it. We've got 30 folks on the roll, and that should be the kick-off number unless some decide not to do it between now and Sunday. So, just a heads up. The rules are on the challenge blog (see previous linky).

Hmm...I just touched my chin and now have sticky fingers. I put healing Manuka honey on my chin where a zit is healing. One zit. ONE. My face has been so good since I gave up wheat/gluten, and suddenly, I get one big one on the chin...after I eat Mexican beans (more than a week ago). I wonder if there is a connection? Anyway, off to wash off the honey from my fingers (not my chin, though, hah).

On a total other topic: Anyone else trying to visit Katie J Is On Her Way blog and getting a warning of "unsafe site"? I keep getting that, so I'm afraid to go there. Hope Katie sees this, cause I don't know if she knows, and I don't know what it means. If you have her email, maybe email her and let her know? THANKs.

I hope everyone is feeling good out there. For my fellow CDCC challengers, let's get the prep work done and be ready for that official FIRST post on 9/11/11, with all the stats and goals. And yes, that first weigh-in.

Blessings on everyone... be well....


Mrs. D said...

I LOVE anything Vera, and that dress is hot!! Good luck on the challenge!! :)

Jacqui said...

LOVE that dress! You are going to look hot for Christmas!

I am getting that message for Katie J's blog as well. I also get it from other blogs that said that there was content from her blog on their blogs. Gee, I hope THAT made sense. LOL I hope someone has her email and lets her know.

I had to delete her blog from my blog roll, because even blogger was coming up with the message that there was content from Katie J's website on blogger. I would love for someone to let me know if it gets resolved, so I can add her back on my blog roll.

lv2 said...

Your dress looks great. I'm still planning on doing the challenge and will get my blog updated.

Jacqui said...

Forgot to give you kudos on the glucose readings!! Those are awesome numbers for 1 hour after eating a "carby" meal!

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

Thinking you are old and fat is in your head. (It's ok, I have plenty of unpleasant things to say about myself in my head too.)

That is a gorgeous dress and is going to look amazing on you. I love the lace and how it is layered in a chevron style pattern.

"KT" said...

I picked a super similar dress to shoot for! I love that lace look and the long sleeves are a plus, especially for wintertime. We have great taste. ;P

Jane Cartelli said...

Love the dress, love the bags, love your test readings, LOVE your attitude.


Nanette said...

It's amazing what feeling good about your body (or at least your progress) does. I think that's the sexiness that you're exuding! :) And your husband sounds so great and affectionate Tell him good job for the support from your challenge-mates.

Thanks for adding me to your challenge. I've already started. I assume there's no issue there.

Miss April said...

I love your blog post titles - I always know I"m in for a treat when the topic(s) include 5 or 6 things 'all over the map'. :) Getting attention from the opposite sex can be a good, warming feeling, kudos! As long as none of them are creeps because then you have every right to slap the taste right out of their mouth! I haven't picked a dress yet, am I fired? I'll browse around tomorrow while I'm at the office... Yes, I am my own boss. LOL

Karla said...

Love love LOVE the dress

faithfulgyrl said...

Can't wait for the challenge. I think it will keep all of us "in check". :)

Floriana said...

You lucky girl, to have such a great husband and such a loving relationship. The bags are lovely and the dress gorgeous. How exciting to start a new challenge and get yourself into new territory. Seems everything is going great even with the tiny gain. You go girl!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

The dress is lovely. You will be stunning in it. Can't wait to see photos of you in it. :)

Jo said...

You will be able to wear that dress anywhere. Love it!

I'm ready to start the challenge. Still looking for dresses and have a couple bookmarked.

Candy kankles said...

Oh my golly I love the dress!!! Awesome challenge good luck ladies!

debkhershberger said...

LOVE the dress!!!!

I got the same message when I tried to visit Katie. :(