Saturday, September 10, 2011

Add Cherries, Blood Glucose 23 points higher

Had one of my typical breakfasts. Just like last time--eggs, olive oil, veggies, fruit. Roughly same caloric count in total.

I tested my sugar. Only, the differences from last time: I had half of the nut bar (90 calories, 10 carbs--8 effective, if you take the fiber count), but I added a cup of sweet cherries. (2 fruit servings instead of 1.)

That made my 1 hour post meal glucose 111, versus last time's 88 (with a full nut/fruit bar, but only the papayas, not papayas and cherries).

2 hours postprandial = 92

Interesting. The experiment continues.


Bluezy said...

Amazing experiment! Cherries must be really sweet! LOL

Like your new sidebar pic. You are so lovely.

Miss April said...

Thanks for sharing this and doing the experiment - it is very interesting. I remember being in a class once and our prof was talking about 'sugar fog' - but of course he was referring to eating a donut in the morning or something like that. He said that about a half hour after you eat it, your brain goes into a fog because your sugar level is spiked so quickly with a garbage treat. So of course, I did that experiment (uh-huh as a way to get a donut). I ate a donut, drove to class and I really did sort of blank out for about 40 minutes. It slowed me down for a bit while trying to focus on the presentation.

Blueberries and raspberries are lower sugar fruits and I put them in my yogurt often - no sugar fog. :)

Anne H said...

I did the fingersticks -
simple fruit sugars raise my counts, too!
Berries, not so much.
Interesting indeed!