Monday, September 19, 2011

New Exercise: Dancing to Anime Themes While Watching the Streaming Vids

My current fave "dance to it" ending theme is WIRED LIFE , which closes out AO NO EXORCIST, one of our faves of this season. Hell has now literally broken out, so can't wait until next Sunday to see what's up with Rin, Yukio, Satan, the Paladins, the exorcist students, and the assorted demonic denizens and priests as Gehenna spews forth on earth and Papa Satan seems to have found a new home in Yukios bod. Poor Yukio! Poor Rin, who was last seen crucified and bleeding profusely to open the Hell Gate. Nice seeing his mama's backstory.

New season of fresh anime starts soon, hooray! Hoping the music is good. I like to burn anime themes for use in Pilates. Looking forward to checking our Persona 4 and Guilty Crown. Some really lame ones in the preview..but those two might be worth it. And, of course, I want my Eiji Nizuma fix when BAKUMAN season two starts. (Love me, Eiji!)

Hubby downloaded the Ao No Exoricist's current end theme to the iPod Touch so I can enjoy it when we drive around. I have a whole "anime" section in the iPod. Heh. We danced to it this afternoon after enjoying the latest episode. Yeah, baby! We're not too old to groove to J-Pop.

Here, dance to it!  Enjoy! (Before Sony has them take it down.)

I'm sleepy. Nitey.

ETA later Monday: Back from Pilates, and sharing some of the EIJI NIZUMA love: 

Hope he's featured a lot in season two!

And then there's another song I listened to yesterday in the car, and one of the BEST anime opening themes/openings ever: FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: Brotherhood. The animation/editing/direction/blending of music and just is primo:


Bluezy said...

Great idea to dance to the end of an anime! In fact if one would watch say 2 a day and dance to the beginning and end that would be some movement. Sort of like a happy 10 min work out. almost. I am currently hooked on Case Closed and Ruraoni Kenshin which are way old, but I got a lot of catching up to do. The grandkids like to watch with me and those two animes are perfect for them. I should fit a new one and get back into watching it subbed. I watched Blood+ subbed.

It is important to make exercise entertaining for me. Thanks for the idea!

Miz said...

We LOOOVE that kind of exercise around here, too!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

It sounds like you had a great evening with hubby. I have never really been into anime but I'm glad you two have something to share that you both enjoy. Hugs.

Betty said...

I´ve never heard of them before, but I kind of like the beat of the music. I bet it´s fun to dance to.

EmptyNester said...

Ok, now I have to check this out because I didn't understand one single word of your post! LOL

Crabby McSlacker said...

Wow, what a great idea for sneaking exercise in! And I think "anime" sounds so much more classy than "cartoons". Have yet to really check it out, but I sense the time may be coming soon!