Friday, September 2, 2011

A nicely thought out definition of what is "a paleo diet"...

A paleo diet is:

  • Eating foods that best support the biochemistry of human animals with a multi-million year history of hunting and foraging, primarily on the African savanna.
  • Avoiding foods, such as grains, grain oils, and refined sweeteners, that actively disrupt the biochemistry of these human animals.

The whole article is fun reading. If you're doing Paleo, how's it doing for you? Drop me a line in the comments or a link to your blog or post discussing its effect on you.

We aren't strict Paleo, but we've moved closer and closer in that direction compared to our diet a year, 10 months, 9 months ago. We eat a lot differently than we have most of our married life. And I am reversing some of the damage I've done in those decades.

I'll be honest: I don't see myself giving up butter, cheese, or yogurt anytime soon--though I did ditch milk. ; ) They're not taking away the sucralose for my coffee. But ya never know...we continue to in how we eat here....


Anonymous said...

I love the articles you post, always so informative. I have cleaned up my diet some, but don't know that I wll be as disciplined as you. However, it seems it may be a natural course after your body gets used to wholesome healthy foods, right? We must do what is best for ourselves. And give up all dairy - that'd be a tough one.

EmptyNester said...

You are such a wealth of information---did I say how much I appreciate it? Well, I do! We gave up cow's milk for coconut milk. But just in cooking. We aren't big milk drinkers. I did cut out the meat but that is mostly because I'm sick of the way the animals are treated--I need to know how to buy meat that is from animal friendly farms. Anyway,you always have such good info and I am grateful!

Anonymous said...

Thru trial and error, much tweaking and glucose testing--fueled by my whole Celiac's discovery along with the knowledge that low-carb diets always worked for me--I was surprised to seet that the eating plan I hammered out for myself is very close to the Paleo way of eating that I had not even heard abot....without the freakishly extreme aspect.

Of course the FE aspect is my own opinion--friends and family are sure I'm over the edge with the whole "no grain, no procesed food" thing.

When I stick to it--and that is key--my glucose is almost normal w/ very little insulin. I feel better. Aches and pains leave as do all of the Celiac's symptoms. The trouble is that one good dive into gluten and it's weeks beforee I get back to the benefits I had gained. :( I should copy this and post it on my wall.

My major gripe with Paleo, of course, is the whole evolution thing. I am not, ever, going to consider myself a "human animal." I am created in the image of God; no animal gets to say that. I'm sticking more to the "whole foods" or "Eating clean" labels just because of the whole "human animal" philosophy..

I do enjoy your posts on the subject, tho. Always a new tidbit to add to my collection. Info is power--as one INTJ would say to another. :D


Jane Cartelli said...

I gave up the butter and any dairy that has milkfat but I still have fat free yogurt and fat free sour cream, fat free cheese (only 1 kind that I like) but they will have to pry the sucralose from my cold dead hands! (At least that is how I feel about it today).


Suzan said...

I don't agree with evolution, though I don't mind if others follow that theory. I usually refer to my way of eating as "traditional." The definition of the word Paleo is ancient. I like that.

I do a Paleo-style diet for health reasons. It works for me, but I have to be careful of my portions of nuts and fruit, which I tend to overdo - both which irritate my digestive system. I still use a bit of heavy cream in my coffee, but since I'm sensitive to casein, I hardly ever eat cheese, and I only use ghee once in a while. I also supplement my diet with some carbs - potatoes and rice once or twice a month, mainly to keep my food budget under control, and in small quantities they contribute to healing my G.I. issues.

I don't eat processed/packaged foods, only grass fed meat and poultry from compassionate farmers, and wild-caught fish.

How is it working for me? It is keeping me on the road toward good health. Haven't lost much weight, only about 15 pounds, but I've been told it will probably take up to 5 years to undo 53 years of gluten/casein poisoning. I've 3 years to go. I've had some health setbacks recently. At the moment, I'm more concerned with getting my health back on track that losing weight.

Bluezy said...

I like the idea of paleo. If you saw that video of the guy who did Supersize me and see how long the fries lasted after months...back to nature...and primal soungs life saving

J. Stanton - said...

Wow! -75 pounds in a year is a lot...and down 118 since the peak? That's an entire extra person you're not carrying around anymore.

I'm impressed...and I'm glad you find my articles informative and inspiring. Thank you!

My personal journey with dairy: I use a lot less of it since I started eating more eggs and discovered refined organic coconut oil (the stuff that doesn't taste like coconuts). I still cook with butter sometimes, I still use half and half in coffee or as a treat (it's like dessert to me), but my appetite for cheese has dropped to nearly zero. An occasional cheat slice of cheesecake is about the extent of it.