Friday, September 23, 2011

CDCC Update: Finally crawled my way back to my lowest weight again....and lower! Vera Bradley goodies, here I come! And some asthma/steroid/gluten experimentation stuff...and using the FitBit for motivation.

  • Tanita-san: 180.4
  • fasting blood sugar: 78
  • Blood pressure: 125/66
  • Pulse: 50

Holy cow. I'm so happy.

I was 181 lbs on September 3, regained some, and have been fighting to get back there. Nice to make it and make MORE progress. New low.

I have visual motivation. I need to make it under 180 to use the purse and tote I bought from the Vera Bradley store. It's been sitting on the La-Z-Boy, taunting me. Unused. Spanking new. So close!

Such a relief to see tangible proof my hard work this week is working.

I struggled like mad again during this week. I exceeded calories by 100 or 200 almost every day. Sucks, huh? I was doing 1400 to 1600, not 1200 to 1400, like I stated in my goal.

Fluids have been fine.  Have barely been reading my books for the challenge this week, and I need to get back to that. It will probably help with the caloric limit mojo!

Now, because I ate more, I had to make sure to exercise more to balance that out. Instead of 3x a week as my challenge goal, I've walked every day from Monday through Thursday and had my regular 2 hour long sessions with my trainer. 

I'll add that exercising has been harder, too, off the steroids. Yes, I'm experimenting with no inhaled steroids, the drugs I've been on for 2 decades for my asthma. Breathing is less nimble without them, but when I'm just sitting or doing regular chores and errands, I'm fine.

It's when I do exertion or am around allergens (walk by a blossoming tree that I'm sensitive to or am around pets) that it goes funky on me. BUT....I haven't been able to be off them since age 29. I had read that getting off gluten could help the asthma, and I had noticed that when I reduced my steroid dosage, I still felt fine. Hence, the no-steroid experiment. Been nearly a month. In the worst allergy season for me. December is the next hurdle--blossoming mango trees kill me!

If I find that I can't handle it, well, I'll go back. But for now...we're testing it out.

It's hard walking in the heat/humidity/pollens, but I just adjust my pace.

I've been wearing my FitBit to encourage me to walk MORE. On my non-exercise days, I can easily NOT walk more than 1000 steps. Seriously. It's sad.  The first time I used a pedometer years ago, when still ill and sedentary and morbidly obese, my steps averaged in the 800s. Lord in Heaven!

I'm so glad I won it from Cranky Fitness. I'd have balked spending 99 bucks for an upscale pedometer...but it's very small, light, fits nicely on my bra and keeps me accountable. Accountability is GOOD. Motivation is GOOD.

I've made it to 7000+ steps days this week, but that's with intentional movement--shopping often--ie, more trips, more walking in parking lot and around store--planned challenge walking for 30+ minutes at a briskish pace. Being more active means I have to plan for it. It doesn't JUST happen. I like to sit and read and watch anime and websurf. That's bupkis calorie-burn. .

And yet...I have not made it once to 10,000. Sad huh?

Granted, I don't work. When I worked last time, I had to walk to and from the car, to and from the train station, a few blocks to the office, a few blocks back to the train, and in-between all the up and down stairs, around the hospital campus (huge hospital), and it was easily a couple blocks from the satellite cubicle on the oncology ward to the main medical records office. Stairs, city blocks, walking to eat lunch, it adds up. HOme, sitting at the computer, doing dishes, not much moving. ; )

I am so looking forward to our first cold front. I'm gonna be a walking, sightseeing -the-city fool when it's cooler.

Happy Friday, folks. Move, eat real well.

ETA: Just gonna make this post my CDCC update, as the weekend will be busy! Changed title and added about fluids and book, hah.


EmptyNester said...

Woot! Way to go! You are quite an inspiration. I'm looking forward to our first cool snap. Unfortunately, it probs won't show up until late October.

Bluezy said...

Awesome stats and that pulse! Wow! Way to go!
Tell me what was your BP and Pulse when you started? I am curious.

Susan, Super Earthling said...

What a happy & inspiring post! Big congrats on your wonderful achievement and best wishes for the remainder of your journey to health & fitness.

I'm *finally* back on track with my eating after our helacious vacation. LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind words about my post. I also appreciate the tip about the Softwalk shoes! :)

Caron said...

You are doing great! I have trouble getting to the 10,000 steps too but I keep trying. :)

Betty said...

Congratulations!! That is so wonderful. And inspiring.
Can I ask where you live? Your weather sounds very similar to ours and I didn´t even know mango trees grew up north. Our weather was very nice this week. Good for walking.

Princess Dieter said...

Thanks, ya'all.

Betty, I'm in Miami. Hubby had to chop down our bountiful mango tree when we moved to this building in '97, cause when it bloomed right by the door, I'd be a mess. Our neighbor has one, which causes me issues, but ours was a monster. Bloomed madly. Had to go. :(

Bluezy, I was on BP meds until June this year. Without meds, it was in the 140s/90s. When I was eating fewer carbs earlier in the summer, it was lower than now, in the 110s/60s. (I've upped my fruit intake to enjoy summer's bounty and enjoy a LaraBar daily, nearly, and that has dates) More carbs = a bit higher pressure. But still pretty good for an overweight 51 year old broad. :D

Super Earthling, you have an amazing sense of humor, in words and in art. Everyone should go enjoy your blog! Thanks to Bluezy for linking on her blog. That's how I found ya! You rock!

Happy weekend, peops!

upinthecosmos said...

Congrats on the accomplishments, you'll get that 10,000 steps if you just keep at it:-)

Angela Pea said...

Whoot!!!! I'm so happy that your hard work is paying off!

I've been able to back way off of my allergy steroids, too. Mostly with eating clean and avoiding major triggers. No more daily pills or inhaled meds. I only use a rescue type quick action inhaler when exercising outdoors. (I'm generally okay indoors.) I still amazes me how cutting the garbage out of my diet helped on so MANY levels, not just the weight.

Have a wonderful weekend, Mir! Vera is waiting for you!

MB said...

WOOHOO! Congrats on your progress.

I absolutely love my FitBit!

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Keep it up! :) I'm glad you are getting off the steroids. Great for trying to be without. You are doing awesome and terrific job for tracking :)

I love the physical vision for your weight loss. Maybe I should do something like that. I better figure out something I really want to buy lol. You are very inspiring to me. I need it. I'll keep checking your blog to get more inspiration.

Thank you!

Jo said...

Good for you for noting your accomplishments and seeing where there is room for improvement. Oh, and I found a Vera sale yesterday where the discontinued items were 40% off! I bought only a gift. Yay me!

Jane Cartelli said...

Enjoy the Vera, you deserve it! Congrats!

I have asthma, too. In NY I was on an inhaler and occasionally beathing treatments. Since moving to Florida 19 years ago: nothing. Even at my top weight my asthma as gone since we arrived. It is totally freakish. When I go back up north it does bother me again but so far my pollen triggers have not moved to Florida.


Julie said...

You're doing great Mir and so close to using your new bag. YEAH!!! I'm just a tad behind you and I'm going to get a massage when I hit 175. Never had one, really want one...hopefully I can save for it.
Step wise I never have a problem getting them in but then I live here in the country and ever where I go is 1/4-1/2 mile away. I do miss my pedometer though. I want a Fitbit, really want one.
Keep up the great work Mir. You're doing awesome and are so inspiring. Thank you for all your teaching and more.
Take care and have a blessed and awesome week.

Jeannette said...

I love my FitBit. It was a gift from my hubby. I was eyeballing it and he said "let's get it!" I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work. You'll hit 10,000 in no time. That is my daily goal and I haven't hit it yet... but I'm getting there! I get about 3,000 a day, 6,000 when I go for a walk with the hubby. We can do this!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Look at those vital signs! You are an athlete!! What a solid week. I hope your allegeries improve, as beautiful as blooming mango trees sound (we don't have those i Iowa) I can't imagine how awful it must be to have trouble breating---and then exercise! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

Congrats!! You will get that purse next week and it will stop its taunting lol haha I hope testing out helps you my friend had serious allergies and asthma he used to get a shot for allergies and he had to use and inhaler all the time one day he decided to just deal with it and hasn't used it for 9 years. I have never heard of fitbit I will be checking that out. I stay getting pedometers and the read wrong by the bump in your step or if its one that goes on your bra T.M.I. but from your boobs jumping lol Hope you have another great week and show that bag who's boss :)

Anonymous said...

You will be using that purse soon enough, dear! You had a fabulous week. It is scary to think how little activity life has when you're morbidly obese and choosing to do nothing about it. I was there earlier this year. It's crazy to think of the hours I just sat here or would lay down, always eating terrible foods and snacks. Gosh it's scary. Great progress, you know what you want. Get it, girl! :)

Tide said...

Hello! I'm a first-time writer. You are quite an inspiration! I've been reading the most fascinating book about evils of wheat. You may already know all about it, but if not, you might want to check it out. It's called "Wheat Belly."
Best of luck to you getting to use your Vera items (great idea to use them as rewards!)

Take care, have a great day!

Losing it in Vegas said...

I work 8 hours a day on my feet and still have a hard time getting in 10000 steps unless I go on a run or walk every day...

Nice job on the stats and it sounds like a great week!

lv2 said...

Great job and those things will be yours soon. Funny, I went to everyones blog to leave a comment today...but forgot our wonderful leader. I was thinking about a fitbit, but ended up with a good pedometer....just haven't worn it since June. Hope your Asthma calms down...allergies set me off also.

"KT" said...

YES, new low is awesome! I'm sorry you're having some struggles, both craving and mango tree-related. Those beautiful purses will be yours soon though. Your consistency and journey is a huge inspiration. Be well, too. :)


as a fellow asthmatic i uner everything completely,your still doing a great job. i have taken myself off my steroids and learned to pace myself when it comes to exercise, i didnt know gluten could hurt asthmatics..looks like i will be eating gluten free..thanks for the health fact of the day;)

Laryssa said...

Love purses!!! Actually I'm more like addicted to purses! And sandals! :) So yay! that you are sooo close to picking up those beauties that have been staring at you for weeks and use them!

Beth said...

Hope the purse is just around the corner, that's a great motivator as well as all the health benefits. Hope you are able to keep off the steroids.

I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 180.4 - we weigh exactly the same. Boo hoo for me as it's a 36 pound gain...

Oh well, gonna keep on keepin' on.