Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Potato Chip Binges are...DEADLY! And I don't just mean in DEATH NOTE....

In honor of Bluezy's youtube offering today, I offer this video (at the end of this post), for all of you who have issues with stopping at just ONE! Be it potato chips or otherwise.

In this anime case, the potato chips were deadly cause the bag hid the supernatural weapon.

If you don't know about Death Note, the anime or films or manga--where the heck ya been? Stuff was all over the place a few years ago, t-shirts, bags, Adult Swim, common parlance. Shoot, they even sold fake notebooks that looked like the lethal death-god ones in the anime. :D Write a name, watch 'em die, basically. Only there were these weird rules and ways to complicate the use of the notebook. A lengthy cat-n-mouse game ensued, which included one of my fave anime characters of all time, "L", the genius detective out to catch the genius student killer ("Kira").  (Yes, I have "L" , "Rem"--my fave DN shinigami--and "Ryuk" magnets on my fridge. I almost got an "L" keychain. And I have cihbi art of Ryuk and "L". hahah. I'm hopeless .)

Let's see, two of the shinigami and every one of the "geniuses" (um, other than Near, maybe) had some sort of weird eating thing. Mello had his chocolate bar addiction (which he passed on to the death god Sidoh, hah.) Ryuk had his apples --and he's the only one with a healthy food fixation!  L had a serious sugar-addiction, and I mean crazy-serious. Every time you see him, just about, he's eating something sweet.

In anime, you can eat cake and sugar cubes and chocolate bars from sun-up to bed-time, and even have salty potato chip binges, and not gain weight.

Yes, it's fantasy.

Anyway, one of the most parodied, laughed at, youtubed lines in anime was "I'll take the potato chip...and EAT IT!"  Just the way "Kira"/Light Yagami said it told you he was already on the path to Death-Note induced madness. It was a sneaky, lethal use of bag of potato chips.

Not too off the mark. That salt-fat-carbs combo and assorted additives will kill ya!

For folks like me, who could binge on chips, both funny and not so funny.

When the death-god (Shinigami Ryuk) flips and hollers, "The symptoms are starting!" it's not as funny to some of us. A binge is a binge. The symptoms start. And then you're out of control.

Kira/Light went on killing binges. We go on food binges. It starts with one simple food we probably ought not go near, and before you now it, we eat it, eat it, eat it. If there really were things like gluttony demons, they'd be dancing and howling and jeering.

In DEATH NOTE, the potato chip binge wasn't about food. It was about the lust for justice turned into the lust for power, death, control. Good intentions gone bad.

When we eat for nourishment, it's a good intention. When we eat solely for pleasure, comfort, or oblivion, without measure, it's a bad thing. It's lethal. It's the first lines in a death notebook....our own.

Anyway, here's one youtuber's remix of the famous potato chip quote/scene (anime, not flick).

Enjoy the chip binge, but don't watch if you're very easily triggered:


Karen Butler Ogle said...

I totally don't get anime, really. I understand the death-chip link very well though.

Bluezy said...

Anime allows me as an adult to proudly say "I dig animation and almost prefer it over regular film". From Disney,Pixar, Marvel, DC or Anime...I dig it. But Anime takes it to a level that many fiction writers should be envious of. There is so much out there, that I do appreciate other's sharing what they like.

Thanks for the mention. I plan tomorrow's to have a special Anime mention as well. I came up with it last night and saw that I would be the first on it so it attracted me to do it.

If I have a bag of chips with dip in front of me...it is hard not to poison myself. It has been a long while since I have done so...thankfully!

Jane Cartelli said...

What an excellent way to share this message. I have family members who love anime and could identify with these analogies because it gives them something that they relate to and mixes it with the foods they also relate with. I am sending them to read and then watch (although they probably already know the scene.

I do not know anime at all but I completely identify with the concept of First Bite is fatal.

Truly a great post.