Friday, September 9, 2011

Avocado Sushi, Yet More Bloatiness, Rainstormy walk with hubby & the FitBit (With PICS~), and ready for this darn challenge to get my brain back in go-for-it gear!

I am unbelievably bloated. I think the allure of salt is now passing with the last bite of my 3 pieces of avocado negiri with supper. Bleh. I love the taste, but my body hates the price.

So ready for the challenge to get me totally in my groove. Being the leader is tough, mentally, cause it means I can't slack. I can't let y'all down. I can't let myself down. I gotta be cheerleader number one--and Angela Pea, cheerleader #2 , will be there to help me keep the troops rallied, supported, engaged, focused.

But first, I have two days to get my own head totally back in the game, focused, disciplined, and full of joy at the possibilities ahead. Yeah, baby!

Got some pics --well, hubby mostly got em--of our walk tonight. I kept my Pilates clothes on, changed athletic shoes to white for visibility--it was grey from a stormy day and getting dark as we started off at sundown--and went for a 30 minute brisk walk. The minutes don't count the break to get said sushi. We placed the order, went to walk some more, came back .

I had good energy today. Too bad my FitBit is not on all the time, and not on during Pilates. it would have been the best activity day since getting the device from the Cranky fitness giveaway. (Note: I don't even wear jewelry during Pilates, since matwork, a bump I don't need and with trapeze/ball work, I don't like to feel rings, etc.)

Here are some, click to enlarge, if ya wanna:

 Hubby snapped some stealth ones of me from behind. I don't mind my back view like I used to. Thee days, I'm okay with the imperfect but sorta-normal backside o' me!~~~

Every day I tell my brain to tell my skin to TIGHTEN THE HECK UP! Hate that loose upper arm skin a lot.  Butt, thighs, belly, sides, too. But upper arms get seen more often, ya know? Public skin should be presentable. ; )

We got stuck in the downpour that struck a block from us being home. It sure cooled us off! I giggled and we had fun. That's what matters. Get exercise while enjoying yourself!

Anyway...see, you went along on my stroll a bit.

I probably won't post tomorrow, as we have stuff to do. But I will have a long (loooong) post Sunday as it's the initial one for the CHRISTMAS DRESS COUNTDOWN CHALLENGE. Gotta lay out my plan for the next 14 weeks.  (Julie, I'm still considering your offer. I'm leaning toward yes, but will email you in the next couple days. Muah. You're a doll!)

I need to go drink some serious water....

Take care. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Remember to take care of yourself in ways small and big. Be well...


Candy kankles said...

You look so amazing! Good luck on your challenge I cant wait to see how you do!

upinthecosmos said...

I think you look great, even from behind:-)

Floriana said...

No wonder all sorts of men are chasing you. You look good! Especially in those skin tight clothes. I really admire you confidence. Enjoy your weekend, Princess :)

downsizers said...

I feel a little in "limbo" myself. A challenge is so helpful because of the focus it provides and the kinship of the fellow challengers. I wish it wasn't like that and all the drive I need comes from within but it is what it is! That new dress will fit you nicely and I will be below 200 - can't wait.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Princess, you are looking great. I don't notice any arm skin. I have a lot of looser skin everywhere but I would still rather be healthy than to worry about that.

Betty said...

Your "backside" is VERY presentable. You´re looking great! I know all about loose skin too, that´s why I don´t wear anything without sleeves. :(
Have a great Saturday. I´m all ready to go for Sunday´s post. Thanks for being the leader!

Rachellabelle - My Hips Don't Lie said...

You look radiant and sleek! And what is it with husbands stealing booty photos? My beloved has done that a few times as well. ;) I guess they like what they see.