Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Challenges Are Gearing Up! Which One's For You? Primal, Dress Goal, Other? List your challenge in the comments for others to check out!

Hey, everyone.

The bloated one is here. :)  I'm back from Pilates--good!--and I'm 2 pounds bloated from the Labor Day feta cheese/olive/cheddar cheese/chorizo/salty soup array yesterday. Interestingly, didn't have a whole lotta calories. Didn't have any of the cake or any of the pasta. But I did nibble on the protein/salty stuff, and I feel it.  It's not gonna be helped much by the egg and avocado negiri I had for lunch (used coconut amino acids instead of regular soy sauce, but still...).

I'm allowing myself some salty indulgences this week--bloat be damned--because my Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge begins Sunday. If I'm gonna have bokchoy sauteed with pseudo-soy-sauce and toasted sesame oil, my beloved Greek salads (oh, you salty kalamata and feta), my few slices of Cantimpalo, then it better be NOW. Hah.

Anyway, the day after my challenge kicks off, Mark of Primal Blueprint fame sets out his Primal Challenge. It looks like a lot of fun for folks doing the primal way of eating and exercising. He lays out a very simple chart of what to eat/not eat and what to do exercise wise (general guidelines), and if that interests you (there will be prizes for those who compete in the challenge) head on over and read about it. He's got a 21-day transformation book coming out in October, so that will be right after his 30 day challenge is over, nearly. :)

I know there's another challenge starting up on the 18th, but I forgot the name and the leader. And I think Thursday's Child (from the StS challenge) has a holiday outfit challenge of her own in the planning.

ETA: Okay, remembered it was Thrice-Blessed's challenge that I was thinking about in the previous paragraph. Find the announcement HERE.

ETA: Yes, Thursday's Child is also hosting a Christmas Dress challenge--less strict than mine, too. So, for those who didn't wanna post their weight, maybe that one is good for you. See the challenge info HERE.
Please, if you are hosting a challenge or know of a good one for bloggers to use, post it in the comments--including, ideally, a link to the challenge host/info page. That way, folks can find one that will suit them as we head into that super-dangerous time of the year--The HOLIDAY FOODFEST MADNESS!!!

I made it unscathed through the holidays last year--and LOST weight--with the help of Allan's DDDY Challenge. I hope to do the same this year with my own CDCC.

Let's all make it sanely through the caloric nuttiness of the last part of 2011 and emerge slimmer and stronger on January 1, 2012, rocking some new outfit and, maybe, a whole new attitude for a whole new year of getting healthier and wiser!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Uh oh, totally forgot the holidays aren't far away--yikes! Must. Use. Common. Sense.

And happy belated blog birthday!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sorry about the bloat. I have a bit myself from some salty foods.

Food Freak said...

Bloat is so uncomfortable. I hope yours goes away soon.

Can't wait to see what the challenges are. These should be good ones!

Food Freak said...

BTW--tell me to bug off. You sound fine and chipper, but you haven't been your usual philosophical, teaching, self. Just a mood? Are you okay? xo

Princess Dieter said...

No, mood is fabulous. Very chipper. I was just busy with hubby and family during the holiday weekend and thought others would be, too, so why bother with deep posts. Which I'd rather save for the challenge anyway! I don't always have something I think is fun to say. Saving up my bloggy mojo for when I need to be the rah-rah gal for the CDCC.

THANKS for being a little worrier about me. That feels NICE!

"KT" said...

Holidays would be scaring me if it wasn't for the Challenge. :) It's nice to see so many out there, hopefully we'll all get through it (relatively) unscathed!

EmptyNester said...

Well, the one I really wanted to join was yours but I'm still not willing to post that horrid number. LOL

Thanks for the info about Mark- kind of makes me wish I hadn't given up meat. :) I did check his stuff out though and he has some fantastic ideas! Keeping it fresh keeps me from being bored!

Thursday's Child said...

Yep, I will be doing my own version of the CDC, the rules are a little less strict so people can tailor it a little more to themselves. I've just bought my dress, and added a sign up page to my blog. This is the direct link: http://assumingvirtue.blogspot.com/p/christmas-dress-challenge.html
It starts on September 19th, so people have a little longer to get ready if they need it. Anyone is welcome, and good luck to everyone no matter what challenge you do!

Thursday's Child said...

Thanks! There was a flurry of last minute bidding, so it ended up being not-cheap (£35), but given that the retail price was £65 I guess it was still OK. I was hoping to get something really thrifty though.

Bluezy said...

Me saw the dress you want Princess it is beautiful. I am gonna be watching this all, but not committing. Hope everybody good luck on all challenges.

faithfulgyrl said...

I am so ready for the challenge to begin. I've got my dress, my book, my calorie counting down and I'm ready to begin. I will be posting on Saturday after weigh in. Oh, and how do we link up? Will you have a linky on there for us?

P.S. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I will start journaling EVERYTHING and how I feel to try and find a pattern :) Much needed.