Sunday, September 11, 2011

AND IT'S ON! The Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge...starts...TODAY: My Initial Post with Starting Weight, Goals, and Action Plan...and Why I Went Ahead And Started It On Nine-Eleven.

Okay, so here we go. Fourteen weeks to a smaller sized dress for the holidays.

All challengers should go link up at the challenge blog linky-up post.




Um, okay, I just got up and am a tad cranky.

THE DRESS--ie, visual motivator, goal size:

The image on the right is my dress. It's actually a size 14, and yes, it does NOT fit. I have worn various size 14 dresses for a spell now, but this is a designer who sizes small, so I went by the comments I saw from buyers who said go a size UP from what you wear.

I originally planned to get a size 12...but I sized up to 14. It arrived early today and, indeed, does not fit. It's a really smaaaalllll 14. I think I'd need to lose at least 15 pounds, if not more to fit. I hope to lose at least a pound a week, for a total of 14 pounds.

I'll be looking for a red dress in the coming weeks. :) I still have a dream of killer red.


The Calories:

I'm aiming for a range between 1200 and 1400, ideally sticking to the lower end.

The Fluid:

I'm aiming for a minimum of 12 glasses of fluids a day, mostly water, then decaf. That strategy began working well for me end of 2010, and I want to continue to maintain it.

The Exercise:

3x a week minimum, but I will want to aim for 5x a week: 2 strengthening, 3 cardio.

The Book(s):

I am actually going to work through 2 books that helped me before and 2 new books that I think can help me not just stay on track, but open a wider, better road for my journey. I figured the books that helped and inspired me in the last year of my journey should be able to reinforce and aid me again as I learn new things and work to lose the last 2 dozen or so pounds that will take me to the next phase--maintenance.

The End of Overeating

Reading New:
Made To Crave
The Power of Self-Coaching

I'm hoping to be 14 pounds or more closer to my goal weight by December 18. I wish all the challengers well. Please, remember: DO NOT QUIT. Work through it. Good or bad, work through it. Post the Sunday (or Saturday, or Friday early) update, link up, support the other challengers as you are able, and DO NOT QUIT. Keep looking at that dress or dress image and imagine yourself fitting into that smaller size. DO NOT GIVE UP! DO NOT DROP OUT!

I almost chose another day to start this challenge. I didn't want to wait too long after the end of Slimmer This Summer. But I kept looking at 9/11. Wow.
Nine-Eleven: fraught with memories, not good ones. Depression. Unbelief. Horror. Grief. Tears. More Tears. More dark thoughts. Fury. Malice. More Grief. It was a bad, bad day, week, weeks, months. I remember being on the couch unwilling to let go of the remote as I toggled through the cable news channels day after day. Someone changed our national day....out of hate. Lives ended. Out of hate.

Well, I changed my mind and decided to start it on 9/11 because we have to remember we are ALIVE and value that life. The ones who died that day were not given the time they should have had with loved ones.

When we abuse our bodies with poor nutrition and sedentary ways, we are, essentially, terrorizing our own bodies, and killing our time bit by bit. It's not sudden. It's gradual. But it's still a form of self-hate and destruction.

Allan, our former Fearless Leader, often talked about fat as a "cancer", this disease we have to fight like it's life or death. Cause it is. I think of it as self-terrorism. And we have to learn to be loving and merciful to ourselves by DOING WHAT IT TAKES to prove that we value our bodies and lives. Our time.
This 9/11, value your life for the sake of those who lost it in the towers, in service protecting it. People have died protecting your life and liberties. Don't waste it overeating. I don't want to do that anymore.

So, that's why I decided to go ahead and start it today.

Treasure this day and all your days. Celebrate your life. I'm gonna celebrate mine by taking care of myself. And be well...


Thursday's Child said...

Good luck with your challenge Mir!

Caron said...

I'm not in this challenge but it is such a fun idea and I'm looking forward to seeing you in your pretty dress!

Karla said...

Woot woot

******shaking pom poms*******

You go girl


Anonymous said...

Thanks for creating this challenge and including me. Your jouney is very inspiring and I'm looking forward to sticking this challenge out. I'm a huge quitter, but today, I quit being a quitter:)

SO FAT 4 NOW said...

Bet you the husband cant wait to see that dress bunched up on the floor !!!! You go !!!
So cool to see you still going strong !!

downsizers said...

Beautiful dress and you will look beautiful in it. Your goals are realistic and I know the focus this challenge will provide will be all you need to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. They will also provide encouragement for others.

Candy kankles said...

You all are gonna do amazing! Yay to this challenge!

debkhershberger said...

LOVE the dress!!!

Betty said...

Your dress looks awesome!! I can see it on you already!
Thank you for being our leader and your encouraging comment on my blog! I will do my best.

Jillian said...

Your dress is beautiful! I know you can reach your goals for this challenge--14 pounds is completely do-able, and you have all of us cheering you on. Good luck this week!

Charlene said...

WHOO HOO!! I am so excited about this challenge!! I can't wait to see your pictures in that dress!

Jo said...

Love the dress!! It looks a lot like the one I have in my mind and can't seem to find. Do you mind telling where to get one? If so, you can email me privately at

I am excited to get this challenge underway!! We can do it!

Becca said...

Thank you for this challenge and good luck! I am sure you will fit into that dress faster than you think!

Mrs. D said...

LOVE that dress!! Good luck to everyone in the challenge! :)

Charlene said...

Thank you for explaining that about 9/11... I've never thought of it as self-terrorism and that puts a whole new spin on things :) I am so pumped up about this challenge!!

lv2 said...

Thanks Mir....I have posted and linked to the CDCC site. I'm glad you decided to do this and picking this day to start, and your reason for it will help me to remember to keep going. Today is my son's birthday and he turned 18 on 9/11/01, and it really affected how he thought about a lot of things.

Amber said...

Your dress is gorgeous! Thanks for putting this challenge together!

EmptyNester said...

I look forward to watching everyone's success from the sidelines! I'll be cheering loudly and shaking my pompoms!

Losing it in Vegas said...

I just wanted to thank you for the challenge. I love that dress!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Best of luck to you on your challenge! You will look amazing in that dress!

Jeannette said...

Thank you for hosting! I am so excited to get started. Your dress is gorgeous! I look forward to hearing what you think about Made to Crave. Do you have the DVD companion? I bought the whole set for a Bible study I hope to host locally this fall. Good luck!

Julie said...

A perfect day to start a new way of life. Thank you Mir for hosting this great challenge.
Good luck with your goals, you will make them plus, I know you will. You've done awesome on your journey.
Take care Mir and God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about this challenge. Thank you for starting it.

w0rld4vamps said...

Yes, I thought it was interesting to start on this day. But I like it! I'm super psyched! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!


Angela Pea said...

Seriously...what is the DEAL with dress sizes? It's so random from designer to designer.

I agree 110% on starting on September 11. So much focus is on those who lost their lives, but what about the survivors? What about our indomitable American Spirit? It's time to celebrate our strength, our fortitude and and our ingeniousness.

Let's Do It!!

One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

I love that dress!! You are going to do great and i know you will meet that goal if you dont exceed it. Thanks so much for starting this challenge and I hope we all succeed!!

"KT" said...

It comes in red too so you might want to go for it still! I think you'd look fantastic! :)

Princess Dieter said...

OMG, I just looked at the red one! I am so tempted, and keep thinking, "is it too short, is it too short". OMG...I have this little devil on my shoulder going, "Forget the budget, and get it!" KT, you temptress!