Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 8 of Phase 5: Anime Motivation for Those Fighting the Fat, For Those Under Assault by Cravings or Urges or Food Thoughts, For Those Who Made the Decision to Be Healthy....!

Eating's fine, but the salt attack has hit me. This does take a bit of a toll (it can enlarge appetite and can stall loss for a spell). It's one of my demons I fight against constatly, and I've gotten lots, lots better. Investing in every Mrs. Dash and some other salt-free seasonings has helped. Though, really, even delicious herb blends aren't the same as salt for salt fiends like moi. takes time to get used to less, and I'm working on it.

My mojo is slacking just a litttle, and I feel that, so I'm renewing the fire. I have to be my own cheerleader. That's how it is. Every day, we get up and cheer ourselves on, or the fire goes out too easily. BURN! Wanna BURN!

I had an allergy issue last night that curtailed date night. An eye swelling up (I clearly touched something, maybe my pineapple chunks, and then touched my face) and some eczema. I didn't wanna put on makeup , so we had fun at home. One of the things we did was start watching a well-reviewed and nifty little boxing anime (well, not little, since it goes on for many episodes and the manga is very popular and has a gazillion chapters): Hajime no Ippo.

I was watching episode 3 last night with hubby (whose dad boxed in his youth, and he's a guy who likes watching sports and Ultimate Fighter and stuff, so yeah, up his alley), and I kept thinking how much this applied to FATFIGHTING!

If you're having a hard time, remember, we need to be like young Ippo and have that resolve, that staying power, that refusal to stay down in the face of assaults (of all food kinds, emotional kinds that make us seek food, etc).

In the clip, he's a total newbie (Ippo, that is), who is thrown in the ring (and he's NEVER had gym training) against a seasoned and top-notch fighter, son of a pro, whose been training in technique since childhood. It's a "test by fire" for Ippo arranged by the old-man gym owner to see what Ippo's made of. His mettle. If he really has what it takes to be a boxer.

He does!

Do you and I have what it takes to win the fat fight?

We do! If we choose to have it, right?  Ippo says mid-fight: "I made my decision to be a boxer!"

That boy made his decision and never waivered. That's what it takes to win.

I need to never waiver, even when I fall down--get the hell back up right off. Keep fighting! Ippo says: "I won't fall down. I'm going to be reborn. I'm going to become a boxer."

For us: "I won't stay down. I'm going to be reborn. I'm going to become healthy and goal weight."

Here ya go:

It's got an old-fashioned anime look, and the animation is not the top-notch, fancy, cool stuff that I've gotten used to. But the story and characters and humor are endearing and interesting. Wimpy, good-hearted boy without a dad, constantly bullied in school, gets inspired and gets a dream: to become a boxer. Natural talent and a weird, but enthusiastic mentor (and fun gym characters add to the charm) help him realize his potential. Nice anime. Inspiring, too. Think a bit of Rocky, with a dorkier, sweeter hero.

While he does get knocked out, he's shown what he's made of. Gets back to work. Acquires a top-notch mentor in the old fella, and begins his serious training. It's all good!

Like Ippo, we need help to realize our potential. It can be books, magazines, blogs, a dietitian, a trainer, a forum, a challenge, blogging buddies, whatever. Mentors and allies. We need that to achieve important quests.  All of us in the DDDY challenge phases (and I've been in since the first one) understand that having people support you  matters, and having a tough mentor (ahem) is also good for some of us. (Not everyone wants that, but many people benefit from a voice that calls us on our crap and tells us to get going.)

Get your inspiration wherever you can! It's a real fight for the prize, right?

Yosh! Let's do it!

Happy new week to you all. Let's be amazing!


Kelly said...

*cue the Rocky music* You can do it because you're a fighter. And you'll never give up. Never give in.

*cue Star Wars music* Do or do not. There is no try.

Great motivational talk today. Thanks! And Happy Valentine's Day.

Julie said...

I think I just screwed up and erased my comment. So here it is again but the second never sound as good as my first thoughts.
I love this post. Very interesting and thought worthy. Thank you for sharing.
I know that you can do this, I know that you have the will power, the motivation, the know how to do what's best for you and your body. Keep up the great wirk girl.
Take care and have a blessed evening.

Diandra said...

Have you tried scanning your food habits for food with high/low sodium and potassium levels? It might be interesting to see whether your craving changes depending on your sodium and/or potassium intake. (Remember, these are very important for our nerves to function well.)

(I used to have scary meat and chocolate cravings right before my period, and these days I often substitute food that's high in iron, like broccoli.)

It appears that average products containing more sodium include
* bread
* egg white
* cheese
* olives
* smoked fish

Potassium can be found, among other things, in
* potatoes
* spinach
* salads
* parsley
* avocados
* figs
* nuts

Maybe there is something you could use to make the cravings less severe?

Chubby McGee said...

Darn straight! We do need to never back down: push, push, push. It'll get us where we need to be.

Hang in there, salty lover! Push! Push! Push! Haha!


Princess Dieter said...

Diandra, thanks. My main salt culprits are cheese (number one), the shaker (number 2), canned artichoke hearts, and kalamata or Spanish olives, salsas, jarred marinara sauce, and take-out Thai (as I rarely have Chinese anymore, that's pretty much the culprit). This weekend it was dipping vegetable sushi in soy sauce/pickled ginger and salting protein sources (eggs, cihcken, meat) and cheeses on salads (feta). I buy unsalted nuts, and my diet lately is high in fresh foods, so the salt comes from ME adding it in some way or using sauces/condiments (soy sauce, salsa, lite dressings).

I used to balance my salt intake with coconut water and fruits, but now a 1200 calorie plan with limited fruit and much, much less indulgence in coconut water (crazy high in potassium) and no potatoes (rarely anyway) means I have to dependo n the fruits and vggies for mmy potassium. Some days, I know I"m lopsided (sodium higher than potassium, imbalance)

Later, ladies.