Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not day 25 of the P4 Challenge: Pic of Friday Date, Packet Received for Phase 5, Itchy and Spotty In Miami!

Eating, fine. Water, fine. Skin...OMG, I'm dying of the itch here!

I must have gotten some sand flea or something bites on my walk. My legs where the capri pants didn't cover are riddled with itchy-as-hell bites. My arms and chest and hairline have some bites, a few, not crazy like my shins/calves--I did stop a few times and bent over to tie sneakers more loosely, must have come within sand flea range. Or whatever biting things these were.

I've covered myself in Benadryl cream, used a prescription cortisone cream--it still ITCHES!!!!!!!!!

I'd finally gotten my hives/eczema/dermatitis skin in some sort of normalish looking state and now, this. The multitude of bites have set off a wider reaction, so I'm feeling a bit off. Taking C, Quercetin, and creaming things up and hoping it will not leave scars. I scar easily. My face is full of pocks and scars and hyperpigmented spots from a  lieftime of acne and dermatitis/eczema, and this annoys me. I start getting to a happy place and, bam. Bugs.


Eating is good. Rereading bits of motivating books to keep me going. Appetite is slumbering nicely--no FF beast in sight these last couple days.

Today, the Phase 5 Challengers got their packets. I'm opened and am reading them. The exercise is me. HAH!  Yes, yes. My default reaction.  Looks tough.

I have no illusion of being one of the grand finalists--unless just about everyone else drops out!--but the secondary prizes are lovely. An iTouch (hubby has one, but who wouldn't want their own), an Amazon Kindle (I have the latest generation, and I like it and was reading some REFUSE TO REGAIN on it today while doing bathroom duty), and an Acer Netbook (don't have one, but would like one, heh).

Not too shabby, huh?

My goal is not to drop out or be asked to. To stick to the plan and stop being obese. The chart says my expected loss will bring me below 186 lbs (the line between obese and overweight). 4 months I can be at a weight I haven't been since THE EIGHTIES! Since before my thyroid dropped dead and I got so sick I had to quit working. Possibilities open up when "obese" drops away, yes....?

Here's a pic of my beloved hubster and myself on the balcony at the opera house at Friday's date night:

Anyway, happy Sunday and may this week bless you in many ways, but specifically with regard to health and weight loss. Later!


Anne H said...

You know, everyone is a winner.
And you are a hottie.
And a cute couple.
And a Real and True Princess, I suspect!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

You will do great, Princess. I don't have a shot at any prizes because I'm so close to goal already but this plan will get me in better shape and that is a priceless gift. Hang in there.:)

FatAngryBlog said...

Love the pic of you two!

Julie said...

GOOD LUCK!!! and I know you can do this!!! I know you can.
I love the picture of you and your hubby.
Take care and God Bless!!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm excited to get to "know" everyone a bit more this time around. I love your pic, you two look so happy! Good luck on P5 and let's finish together! :)

Beth said...

Wow, the eighties are coming your way soon.

The picture is gorgeous, what a handsome couple you are and your face is looking so much slimmer! Can you tell? I hope that you can. It's remarkable.

I'm betting you've got a good chance to be one of the finalists. You are the winning turtle, I'm sure of it. Go turtle, go!